16-year-old teen shot and killed by police in Columbus, Ohio

16-year-old teen shot and killed by police in Columbus, Ohio

Noah Larson, Journalist

This Tuesday there has been another shooting that has happened which has become a huge deal in the U.S. now. This would happen in Columbus, Ohio and the individual that was shot was 16 years old Ma’Khia Bryant, and it would take place when Bryant and another person went to their former foster parent’s house to celebrate their birthday.

While these two were at the birthday party Bryant started to argue with the other girls there about keeping the house clean which would lead to an altercation between these girls. Bryant would be shown on police footage swinging a knife at the girls. In the footage, a woman falls onto the ground to escape Bryant, and you can hear officer Nicholas Reardon yelling at Bryant to get on the ground several times. The shooting occurred when Bryant pinned another girl onto a car and from what the footage had she was getting ready to stab the other girl with a knife. Officer Reardon would fire four shots at Bryant, and she would slump to the ground as this happened a man yelled that Reardon did not have to stab her since she was just a kid, but the officer says that she had a knife.

Bryant was taken to the hospital where she was pronounced dead. With this Lebron James would tweet a picture of the officer with the caption reading “YOU’RE NEXT #ACCOUNTABILITY.” This would show that he and many people want justice for the shooting of Bryant, but this tweet would be deleted when the National Fraternal Order of Police made a tweet to go against James’ where they said that James should educate himself because the officer saved the young girls tweet. James would make another tweet that would be about how there should be justice for the whole system because it uses the words that the people that want justice for the shootings to cause more racism.

With all of this going on the incident is still being investigated, and the Columbus Division of Police is doing an administrative review while Ohio BCI is conducting a criminal investigation.