Universal Preschool

Universal Preschool

Kaitie Lamb

Having access to a good early education is very important to a child’s success. Whether the child attends a preschool or child care with a learning program President Biden says all children should have access to these things. Within the last week, President Joe Biden announced his American Families plan that proposes universal preschool and will ensure no family spends more than 7% of its income on child care.

This proposal plans to set aside $1.8 trillion over the course of 10 years to provide all 3-4-year-olds with free high-quality pre-schools.

Biden’s new plan also sets aside $225 billion to help families pay for child care of children 13 years or younger. Families that earn less than 1.5 times their state median income would not pay anything for child care. Families who do earn above that threshold would pay no more than 7% of their income on child care.

Myra Jones-Taylor, the chief policy officer for non-profit Zero to Three, states that she believes this proposal is unprecedented in the sweep of its policies and she will gladly welcome it.

In order to fund this American Family Plan, President Biden proposes many new tax increases. Households that make more than $1 million will now be taxed 39.6%.

As with most topics revolving around the government, there are good and bad, supporters and critics. This new family plan Biden is pushing as seen all of these.