Halloween Sites & Activities

Halloween Sites & Activities

Bradley Akin and Joshua Aden

Built in 1915, in bells, Tennessee tons of people from around our area like to come here to experience this old historic place. Although this place serves a large historic value, you shall be warned this place is not all fun and games. As their description says, These walls have a story to tell and they come alive at night.” This 100 year old house truly has it’s past, and it’s not what you can see that rightly makes this the House of Horror… This house is definitely a sight to see, or what not to see go check it out in Bells TN.


Experience a haunted attraction where fear and entertainment collide. Located only about 30 minutes outside of Jackson, Tennessee is where you will find a place they will call the 13th realm. Begin your journey in our midway filled with wayward characters eager to strike a pose to capture that perfect shot of fear. Enjoy music, a grand bonfire, concessions, horror movies, and epic live shows. From there you will travel through a world behind every shadow, lurking fear itself!! You’ll never expect the unexpected if you don’t visit this unbelievable  haunted trail about 30 minutes outside of Jackson.


Now we will move on to our one and only Fear Factory. Now I know what you’re thinking. It’s located in the middle of Union City TN. How could it be that scary, but I would be alarmed. It’s packed with plenty of fun but I wouldn’t step too far into the shadows. Once too far in you will find yourself trapped in an inescapable 8000 square foot 3 story building where your true nightmares come to life. Although these monsters come to life, i wouldn’t miss out on your night of demented terror. If you ever want to see your true nightmares come to life I suggest the Fear Factory in Union City TN.


Although most places have their story, Camp Blood has an interesting one. Most haunted places create their story but Camp Blood’s story actually has a creepy background. In 1960 a group of men had gathered and began to slaughter all people from 7 different cabins. Each wearing a Halloween costume had no mercy in their deed. Although it has now been changed, being formally created of high school students dressed in costumes. It will most certainly be remembered as one of the only sites where you will see that it’s not only your imagination. As well as being based around a true story, it is definitely one of the scariest parts of Tennessee. Better yet, it’s an attraction that even the common citizen of any community can visit.


The excitement filled atmosphere in a small place located in Humboldt, Tennessee, is one of the best ones yet. A mile long trail, with tons of opportunities to have plenty of scary fun. You will first learn about the background of this haunted trail once you arrive. These zombies had been taking over, but the good news is no worries because they’ve created the serum. The bad news is they had to find a way to apply this serum all over the zombie’s body. Well finally they solved the problem, and eventually recruited the zombie task force which was in charge of shooting these creatures with paintball full of the serum. This was made up of people that wanted to take their chances to come in close contact with these creatures to prevent a zombie outbreak. Our question is are you brave enough to be recruited by the government to protect the people.


Although we have stated many great haunted areas this will be the last. Located off the 45 bypass on Cumberland street in Medina TN is where you will find this notorious farm full of secrets and scary things. As you walk down the path watch out you may have tempted an evil spirit, or bumped the monsters you never know what you will encounter first. And if you dare to go into the house of horror you are warned you don’t know what might happen. If you would like to come to this place be informed that all the parking, and jump scares come free.