Dark Web Scammers Exploit Covid-19 Fear and Doubt


Bradley Akin and Joshua Aden

Although there have been many incidents and News articles about the global pandemic that has been going on for over a year and a half. This specific topic has not been talked about enough for people to be aware, this topic is the dark web. Although most of us know that the dark web was designed by the US Naval Research Laboratory. For the purpose of enabling human rights, and the military to talk and collaborate in a secure anonymous way. Even Though this purpose was fulfilled for which the dark web was created, other people have also found a way to use the dark web. In this sense knowing about the dark web, scammers have been using the dark web to exploit fear and doubt into people about Covid-19.


Since the beginning of the global pandemic Covid-19 dark web marketplaces have been seeing a severe rise in Covid-19 related  products. Products such as masks, gowns, gloves and the drug chloro-quine have been frequently bought from dark web marketplaces. These scammers have been exploiting fear into these people to make them think that they are in need of many of these products.  Another example of these financial issues are the Covid-19 vaccine scams. These vaccine scams were shown when scammers were selling fake vaccines to make people think that people were getting help. These fake vaccines were being sold for around $370 a piece, and had an estimated of 10,000 – 15,000 dollars worth of fake vaccines sold. 


Another gain these dark web scammers have gotten was through the work place. Scammers have been taking advantage of the new home working system because people can’t go to work, so they have relied on technology in the workplace. One of the ways they are able to use the people working at home on technology is by Phishing. Phishing is a method used by scammers to pose themselves as other organizations, or persons trying to get login information or any information. This has been an issue because these methods have led to stealing money, or identity theft. Now there are phishing templates available on the dark web, meaning people can imitate big companies like Apple or LinkedIn.  


When you’re looking at the dark web right now, you see people using it for what it was intended, but in all honesty the dark web has been corrupted by society. Criminals have used this website that was intended to give people the option to exercise the freedom of speech, to exploit fear over this global pandemic for their own financial gain. I will also be doing a podcast on this topic with a few other people so that you have the option to hear other people’s opinion on this Dark Web crisis. I will also link them below so that you can read some of their stories and articles. Although this is mandatory for people to hear this topic has not been ignored by everyone, there are other people working to solve this problem. I also still feel that this is something that everyone should be aware of, and caution yourself as you continue to search the web.