Homecoming Dress Up Days!


Shelby Palmer, Journalist, Photographer

Attention Dyer County High School! Our homecoming dress up week is right around the corner so that means you have to prepare for your fun, creative outfits! Homecoming dress up week is the week of September 27th so that means that time is running out! It is good to be involved with this so you can show your true school spirit. This is such an exciting thing to look forward to during the school year so get involved. The theme of our dress up week is entitled, “TRIBE”. Each letter of the word stands for the dress up day throughout the week. (Monday-Friday) Below is the set up for that week:



T– Time travel 

R– Rodeo!

I– I am…

B– BBQ dads and soccer moms.

E– Everyday Choctaw. 


This dress up week will be something new and exciting for everyone. Maybe you are a little confused on what each dress up days’ description is, so I will go ahead and explain each one. 

T- Time travel For time travel, you are going to dress from a different time era. You may get your ideas from movies from the 50s throughout the 80s. One movie that I think you could get inspiration from could be the classic movie “Clueless”. You could also get similar ideas from legally blonde. These two time eras had very funky and fun fashion so get out there and explore that for yourself on Monday. Have fun with it! You may also consider dressing like the eras from medieval times, the renaissance, greek times, or maybe even throw egyptian in the list. 

R- Rodeo. For the rodeo theme, dress up as a cowboy, Wear your best cowboy boots and cowboy hat to school! Maybe throw in a flannel and some jeans to add more to the effect!

I- I am… For this dress up day, dress up as something that matches the first letter of your name. For example, Mary the mermaid. Tyler the t-rex maybe? haha your ideas are as good as mine! 

B- BBQ dads and soccer moms. For this fun and exciting dress up day, both boys and girls have the option to either dress as a typical dad that may be seen wearing khaki shorts, and t-shirts. For girls, you can dress up as whats known as a “soccer mom” this “costume” could have accessories that you may see moms wearing. Ya know, messy bun/tight ponytail, leggings with one of those skin tight windbreakers! You know what I’m talking about. You can check pinterest for ideas if you are a little confused on any details. 

E- “E” is for everyday choctaw. So come to school in your best choctaw gear and show your true school spirit! Go Choctaws!

Homecoming dress up week can be such an exciting time for students around school, so have fun with it!