Economy Inn Declared Public Nuisance


Madison Warren

On Friday, September 17th, all tenants in the Economy Inn were ordered to vacate their rooms. The Dyersburg Police Department declared the motel a public nuisance that they could no longer use their resources to fight. In recent years, many violent crimes and drug deals have been linked to the motel. Dyersburg Police have given the owner several warnings, but little was done about the problem. This past weekend, police served the owner an injunction. Police are currently working on boarding up all the windows and doors. 

The reviews online give insight on the quality of the hotel and the clientele there. Many complained that there is no shampoo, no towels, no soap, and no toilet paper. Others complained that there were roaches crawling all over the rooms or that the bedbugs made them itch. There were also complaints of tenants who were under the influence of a substance banging on doors at all hours of the night. One review even claimed that the owner tried to bust in on them and was only stopped by the top lock on the door. 

It’s possible that the inn could open back up, but the owners will have to make several changes before the City of Dyersburg allows them to reopen.