Has the Zodiac Killer’s Identity Been Discovered?


Katie Stover, Editor in Chief

After the killings stopped in 1969, the Zodiac Killer case went cold, remaining an open case with no expectations of being solved for the last fifty-two years. However, now we may be closer than ever. On October 6th information was released that the identity of the infamous Zodiac Killer may have been discovered. A group of independent cold-case investigators came forward claiming they had solved the mystery of who he was. After examining new physical and forensic evidence, the group has claimed the serial killer to be Gary F. Poste. Several similarities have been found between the Zodiac Killer and Poste, including an incredible likeness between the scars on their faces. The FBI confirmed that independent codebreakers had broken the code to one of the killer’s letters late last year, the last major break in the case by law enforcement. Nothing has been confirmed, as San Francisco and Riverside police are claiming it is all circumstantial evidence. The FBI has not acknowledged the claims and has left the case open. So, has the case been solved? Or does law enforcement have a reason for ignoring the new accusations?