Creative Writing Club Halloween Special- Part 4

Hayli Everett

A horrendous creature lurks in the night, keeping people on the edge of their feet. Doors are sealed, children are hidden from the creature that inhabits the hills. The stratifications that are made may not be entirely true, exploring is my best bet in this situation. Perhaps I can find the truth, which nobody has done before. 

A low growl exits the abyss-like alleyway that I cross on my way home from work, living in a world that is so shrouded by self-righteousness and judgment as a young woman is stressful. I have sense, I have maturity, but what for? If all everyone is going to do is judge me for the way I look, what use does my personality hold? Nobody cares to see my personality. Nobody has ever truly tried. Am I a monster? People turn away at the sight of me although I’m just a girl. No, I can’t be a monster. If I am to admit that I am crazy, then I am not truly crazy, right? This world has gone down a rabbit hole where everyone has a lack of empathy. My small town is all conjoined to spread false rumors about me when I have done nothing wrong. It’s simply just a painful, endless cycle so to say. 

“A horrid specimen was found lurking around in our small town just last night. At approximately 8:30 P.M., Lila Timpas was walking her dog when her dog stopped, cowering in fear, and not walking further. She was located on Sagittal street, at the cul de sac. She was unaware of the dangers that lurked in the shadows ahead of her. A blue-eyed demon, with red hair shrouding its face. It was over 9 feet in height. Ms.Timpas ran. One glance of this monster could strike fear in the hearts of any being that were to make eye contact. Keep your children safe, stay indoors. This is Nancy Kore, signing off for the night.” I watched in shock. No monster like that could ever exist. I want to know more. I want to find this “beast.” For all we know, it may not be a beast. People jump to conclusions way too easily, especially here in Zodicadia, Greece. I want to figure out what is going on, once and for all. I’ve finally had it with this town’s assumptions. Even if it is a beast, it’d be cool to find. I grab my favorite notebook, with a purple cover and stars all over like a galaxy, and my pen. I start writing down the details, the address, the woman who witnessed this “beast,” and the time it was found. I can’t do this alone, this could be potentially dangerous if what they are saying is true. 

The next day when I wake up, I wake up energized. It’s Tuesday morning, and I’m hoping to get this investigation done by Friday. I need equipment, a first-aid kit, and backup. I don’t have many friends so I’ll have to contact my family. My brother and father would be the only ones down for this mission. I texted Zachary. 

“Hey, I’m gonna do something very risky. You down?” And send. I realize that that message has little to no context or explanation, but I know he likes asking questions. 

“Sure, but what is it?” He answered, almost immediately.

Me: “Did you see the news? Where there’s a so-called beast on Sagittal street?” 

Zach: “Yeah, what about it..?”

Me: “Well, I thought we could investigate.. You know how this town can get by with its assumptions! I just wanna see if it’s actually a beast or not!” 

Zach: “That sounds. Reckless…”

Zach: “I love it. When?” 

Me: “Friday!! Thank you so much, I knew you’d be down to do it! Now I have to text Dad. He’ll be a. Harder member to recruit.” 

Zach: “Oh definitely. Good luck.” 

Me: “I’m gonna need it!” 

Thus, one of the most difficult parts of this mission has to be recruiting my father. Especially since he never texts back. I put my phone away for a moment and lay my stressed head on my linens, while I keep my composure. I’m so nervous to text him, but it’s now or never, I suppose. I pull my phone out once more. 

Me: “Hey, dad?” 

No answer. Great. Absolutely perfect. I stand up and head to my kitchen and pour myself a hot cup of coffee. I add my french vanilla creamer and two sugar packets, along with a splash of milk. I sit on the couch and turn on the news, just to see if there are any more things about the incident. Weather… sports… latest sighting of the beast… Oh! I forgot that that was what I was looking for. I click on it and it’s the same story from last night. I roll my eyes and turn my phone off. The internet. It has to be a good source. Well, somewhat at least, right? I roll over on my bed and doze off. 

When I awake, I hear a gentle buzz emerge from my phone. I figured it was a notification from Zachary or perhaps just a spam email. I look at my phone and see, “Text from Dad.”

New record! Only took him… Four hours! 

Dad: “Yes?” 

Me: “Hey, so, I have a proposal.”

Dad: “And that would be?” 

Me: “So, you know on the news? There was a beast sighting..?” 

Dad: “…yes?” 

Me: “Well I was wondering if you’d like to join me for a little investigation?” 

Dad: “Isn’t that dangerous?” 

Me: “Well, yeah, that’s why I wanted to see if you’d join me.’

Dad: “Absolutely not. I’m not going and neither are you. What if something happens?” 

Me: “You can’t tell me where I am and where I’m not going. I’m a grown woman.” 

Dad: “If you go, I’ll never forgive you.” 

Me: “Dad, listen to me. I’m asking if you want to go to make sure nothing happens! I want to make this town see that they’re the monsters for assuming so easily! It could be absolutely nothing for all we know! I’m going, whether something happens or not falls in your hands.” 

He stopped replying. I don’t know if he’s speechless or if I jumped the gun a bit too much. Then I got a message from Zach.

Zach: “Dad’s on board. He just didn’t want to tell you himself.” 

Me: “Great, thanks.” 

Now that that trainwreck is over, I have to budget and plan out each minute detail. I also have to look more into this “creature.” Wasn’t I going to go to the internet before I passed out? I was! I pull out my laptop and start typing in the Google search box. Zodicadian beast. There are many bloggers in this small town. Only one of them is telling the truth. That was Zachary. I shoot Zach a text and tell him that I’m on his site yet again. While reading I discover something that I should have realized sooner. This beast is very similar to a Greek goddess. The goddess of spring and queen of the underworld. Persephone. Red hair, eyes of blue. In one of the stories I have read about her, I realize that she was falsely assumed to be a monster. A beast. However, her beauty was incomparable, she was on par with Aphrodite. This could be the first part of my investigation that has a historic background and a good foundation for my evaluation. If this is really Persephone, then this will be an easy case to crack. Persephone enjoyed the presence of Cerberus, so I’d bring my brother’s dog, Archer. I will also bring a bag of pomegranates and pomegranate seeds to appease her, for in Tartarus an ancient pomegranate was harboring. After further research, I’m almost 100% certain that this is Demeter’s daughter Persephone. 

The week passes like seconds and it’s Friday. My father, brother, and I all met at the cul de sac at 7:50 P.M. to make sure that we had everything. My father brought nourishment such as drinks and snacks just in case, I brought everything we’d need to lure Persephone out, and Zach brought first aid kitds and weapons because that’s just how Zach is. At 8:30 we were ready. I called out for Persephone, “Persephone? We brought you a few things! I brought you pomegranates that are similar to the ones from Tartarus! I also brought my brother’s dog for you to meet! We’d like to meet you!” Then, she emerged from the trees in front of us. A large animal-like creature with red fur and blue eyes appeared. This was not Persephone. This was something else. I let this creature meet Archer and have the pomegranates as it shrunk into human form. I looked into her eyes, she looked into mine. I was not afraid of her. She was not afraid of me. She was a beautiful girl, abused and mistreated. She just needed kindness shown to her. 

All this creature needed was affection and care shown. This was no monster. This was an angel. This is what everyone was so afraid of for no reason. She’s kind and caring. Everyone perceives her as treacherous and toxic. 

“My name is Sage…” she said, not knowing what to do or where to look. 

“I’m Willow, it’s nice to meet you, Sage.” I said, smiling warmly. 

“Who are you? Why are you so nice to me? You should be running…” she said, making direct eye contact with me. 

“I knew they were wrong about you, I just knew it. I’m here to pull you out of the dark and into somewhere warm and welcoming. Is that okay?” I stated.

She looked at me with pure sincerity and smiled. She came home with us. I was not afraid of her, nor should I be. She’s pure perfection.