Fighting The Mind of a Teenage Girl


Mary Norton, Journalist

When I was young, things were much simpler. I’m sure it was that way for most. But, as I have grown up and gone through the toughest times of the beginning of my life I have realized how hard it actually is for girls in general but especially during our teenage years. When you get to a certain age you start to think more about yourself and your outward appearance. You slowly start to point out things about yourself that maybe you never noticed. Whether you’re confident or insecure it always crosses your mind that you aren’t good enough or you start to think deeply about the little things you’d love to change. When I was a kid I wouldn’t really even think twice about whether or not I brushed my hair before leaving the house. Now, if my hair isn’t board straight or holding the perfect ringlet curls I almost lose my mind. It’s disappointing how much your thought process changes as you age because you easily go from being comfortable in your own skin to wanting to do anything you possibly can to get out of it. I wrote this small article not only to vent about something I go through but also, in case someone else needed to hear this. If you don’t take away anything from this piece, at least remember that these thoughts you may or may not be drowning in concerning your insecurities should not overcome you. Day by day practice healthy habits that remind you that there is only one you and whether you’re that little kid with nappy hair or the older girl with pretty curls, you are still you and growing up is good! It may not always come with great benefits but you can learn to get back that same carefree mentality you had as a child and find yourself feeling like you are younger again. It may be difficult but in the long run you will end up more content with life as you walk through it.