The Most Popular Video Games in Dyer County


Cole Stork


Dyer County isn’t necessarily known for its aptitude for video games, but with the new eSports club, it is becoming more and more popular. Though Dyer County doesn’t play that many video games compared to other locations we play a lot of different types. It’s becoming a more common pass-time to play video games with your friends all night into the early morning. Many kids at Dyer County even plan on pursuing a career in video games so it makes sense since many students would play them. 

Dyer County, being a county school having students from many different towns in the county and even Dyersburg, is are actually a fairly diverse school when it comes to what we consume for entertainment. So, it’s safe to assume the games that are played also vary. From RPGs to FPS games. Some like to play fantasy games while others like to play action games. Many of the students grew up playing video games like Call of Duty, but others got their start with games like Zelda or Mario. 

I conducted a poll in the journalism class for the most commonly played video games in our school. I then put this list up onto DC Tribal Media as a poll. The results are as follows(1st to 10th): Minecraft, Call of Duty, Valorant, Rocket League, NBA 2k, CS:GO, Overwatch, GTA 5, Madden, & Fortnite. 

Minecraft is firmly in the lead and Fortnite is in an extreme last place. This is likely because of the recent resurgence in Minecraft’s popularity and the utter failure of Fortnite as a game recently.