Hallmark’s Countdown to Christmas


Cole Stork

Hallmark’s Countdown to Christmas is the most anticipated TV event for moms and grandmothers alike since Oprah and Fifty Shades of Grey. Every year Hallmark airs dozens and dozens of brand new movies all made for straight to TV. All of these movies are considerably lower budget than most other movies and produce a plethora of C-List actors that are just hoping to make it big. Many of these movies continuously receive record low ratings from critics and yet people just keep watching. There is something hilariously good about the cheesy acting and horrifically written dialogue that just makes them alluring. This year Hallmark plans to air forty new movies in their Countdown and I plan to watch most of them. It’s going to be amazingly cringey. Every Friday and weekend starting at eight I will be sitting down and hate watching every one of these movies that comes on.