Wrapping up Marching Season


Mia Townsend, Editor in Chief

Marching season has finally come to an end and as a senior who has done marching band for all 4 years, it makes me sad to see it all go away. We´ve all worked so hard to earn the trophies we´ve gotten. With covid hitting everyone hard last year, it was difficult to pick up a normal season this year. We had to reteach and relearn everything which isn’t something you can immediately do. Marching band requires constant thinking because you could forget every little detail instantly. Since we skipped a year of a normal marching season, jumping back in was more difficult than words can say. 

Although this is true, we were still able to make it work despite our struggles. During our very first competition, we got 2nd place in every category. The categories that we are judged on are Percussion, Color Guard, Feild Commander, and Band and even these categories are divided.  This is a proud accomplishment because we felt as if we needed more time to teach and learn. Everyone had to work together in order to boost each other’s scores. 

This wasn´t easy because the band faced many challenges, for example,  people getting covid. Of course, Covid is a big deal for an individual but it also affects the whole band. Usually, in sports, there are people who can just take the spot of the missing person, but everyone in the show has a specific thing that they have to do. There is no one else who could cover them because they have a specific role that only they can do. With them gone, it makes the show look more and more confusing because we don’t have those supporting roles. Another complication we may have is the weather. Sometimes it would rain and sometimes it would be too hot for us to handle. Nonetheless, we have a competition in two days, so the show must go on.

There are people who would think that marching band doesn’t take much effort. They may think that all it takes to do band is walking around a field playing an instrument. Even if they think this, it doesn’t matter to us what they think. Those of us in the band know how hard each other works and know how far we all came. I hope that next year, the band comes farther than we could this and last year.