“Eternals” and the Greatness That It Is


Teela Robertson

Many Marvel fans were excited to see the new Marvel movie “Eternals”. Even people who don’t really keep up with all the Marvel movies would be impressed with this movie. I myself like Marvel but haven’t watched many Marvel movies. However, when I saw the trailer for “Eternals”, I knew I just had to see it.
The movie itself is 2 hours and 37 minutes long, making it the second-longest Marvel movie. The movie begins with an explanation of what Eternals, Deviants, and Celestials are and how they tie together. More in-depth detail is revealed throughout the movie. There is so much detail that it is hard to be vague about what the movie is about.
There are ten Eternals in total: Sersi, Sprite, Ikaris, Ajak, Kingo, Gilgamesh, Thena, Druig, Phastos, and Makkari; with Ajak being the leader for the most part. After many, many years of fighting Deviants (Deviants are predators that have inhabited Earth that are so strong or, unnatural, that only Eternals can kill them), the Eternals have killed them all. Because of a disagreement of views, the Eternals decide to go their separate ways, all over the world. Centuries later, in London, Sersi and Sprite encounter a Deviant, however, this Deviant seems to be more evolved. Ikaris, who at this time is Sersi’s ex, comes and battles the Deviant, but even he can not defeat it. The Deviant flees and the 3 Eternals decide to go to their leader Ajak.
After arriving at Ajak’s place they find her dead, seemingly at the hands of a Deviant. Ajak chose Sersi to be the next leader, which everyone is surprised to find out. Sersi decides that they need to find the other Eternals to stop the deviants. After recruiting Kingo they arrive at Gilgamesh and Thena’s place, where a Deviant is dead. It is here that Sersi is able to get in contact with Arishem, the overseer of the Eternals. Sersi finds out the true reason why the Eternals were sent to Earth and how a Celestial would be born from Earth, resulting in the planet’s destruction. Sersi doesn’t want Earth to end so she comes up with an idea, an idea they will need the other Eternals for in order to execute.
Sersi and the other Eternals go to find Druig and try to win him over. He flat out refuses to help in the beginning and denies wanting to help. However after his community gets torn apart by Deviants, he is willing to help. After recruiting Druig, Sersi and Ikaris go to convince Phastos to come along with them. He is hesitant to agree at first, instead wanting to spend what time he has with his family. However, after some convincing from his husband, Phastos decides to go along in order to try and save Earth for his son and husband. They go to find their abandoned spaceship which was buried under a dig site, there they find Makkari, the final member of the Eternals.
It is on this spaceship that it is revealed Ikaris is the true cause of Ajak’s death and is opposed to this whole idea. He tries to kill one of the Eternals and destroys the work Phastos had done for the mission. As he leaves, Sprite flees with him because she loves him and they vanish. Kingo leaves as well but not with Ikaris, he leaves because he doesn’t think they have a chance against Ikaris, Sprite, and the Celestial that is trying to be born. The other Eternals still stay together and continue towards their goal. After the equipment to try and stop the Emergence of the Celestial is made, they go to the place of the Emergence. Only to find Sprite and Ikaris already there ready to protect the Celestial. Before they can make any headway on their objective, Ikaris knocks out Druig, the person they needed to put the Celestial to sleep. Sersi, not wanting to give up, goes on herself to stop the Emergence. While the other Eternals battle Ikaris and the Deviant that showed up (the same deviant that killed Ajak and Gilgamesh), Sersi goes up the volcano to the Emergence site. She is stopped by a blade to the side from Sprite. Before Sprite can do any worse Druig knocks her out and tells Sersi that she’s the only one who can stop the Emergence. Sersi draws power from all the Eternals and unifies them, with her being the one in control. Using this power she is able to stop the Emergence from happening.
Ikaris, after seeing the error of his ways, decides to fly into the sun. Sersi has enough power left over and turns Sprite into a human, therefore Sprite can actually age and grow into adulthood. Kingo takes her and helps her start to lead a normal life. Thena, Druig, and Makkari decide to get on the spaceship and go travel space, searching for others like them. Sersi goes back to London to her human before, thinking everything is okay. However, Arishem is not happy and takes her, Phastos, and Kingo into space and says he will pass judgment on Earth based on their memories of humans. He vanishes and takes them with him. In the middle of the end credits, it is shown that Thena, Druig, and Makkari receive a visitor. The visitor is an Eternal, and Thanos’s brother, named Eros. Eros informs the three Eternals that their friends are in danger and that he can help them.