TikTok Trends You Definitely Did


Mia Townsend, Editor in Chief

This year has already been an interesting start. We’re already one month into 2022 even though most of us are still jet-lagged from 2020. You’ve probably already forgotten 2021 thanks to the unfortunate events of the year before it, but that’s okay. This article will refresh you’re memory of the trends you did last year. Here are the top TikTok trends that you definitely did:

1.) Buss it Challange:

Erica Banks came out with her popular hit ¨Buss it¨ on May 15th of 2020. She decided to make a TikTok video of her in normal clothes and then transitioning into a different angle while she dressed up with her makeup done with her song ¨Buss it¨ playing in the background. TikTok users decided that this was the perfect trend to start the year off and not only was it perfect but Erica was able to promote her music through this challenge.

2.)  ¨Woman¨ by Doja Cat

The famous artist Doja Cat came out with her hit song ¨Woman¨ which caught many users’ attention with her catchy beats and vocals. Someone who goes by the user @tracy.oj came up with a choreographed to the song which inspired many to try the dance out themselves. Eventually, everyone wanted to do these moves making turning this dance into a trend.

3.) Devious Licks

Many people know about this trend even if they don´t have TikTok downloaded. This trend is where users would take something from their schools and call it a ¨devious lick.¨ This is caused a problem, however, because the devious lick trend would classify as vandalism. Stealing school property and then recording it to post on TikTok isn´t very smart considering schools could press charges. This still doesn´t change the fact the people still wanted to participate for the views.

4.) ¨Montero¨ by Lil Nas X

The famous rapper, Lil Nas X, came out with the song ¨Montero¨ on March 21st, 2021. The song stirred up some controversies with some people because it was ¨immitating the Bible.¨ Despite all of this, TikTok users who were fans of Lil Nas X thought it´d be funny to make these people mad by turning a part of his video. In the music video ¨Montero,¨”there is a moment when Lil Nas X uses a pole to jump from Heaven to H E double-hockey-sticks.  They did this by filming themselves doing something and then all of a sudden, Lil Nas X would appear sliding down the pole. This eventually became a trend that everyone wanted to use, and thought was hilarious.

5.) Passing the Phone

The origins of this trend are unknown, but for some reason, it was the trend everyone wanted to hop onto. This trend would have users say something about their friends that would call them out. They would then pass the phone to their friend and have something else. Some of them are pretty nice and normal while some videos are just downright brutal. It was the perfect trend to say something embarrassing about your friends, whether they get mad or not.

6.) What´s living in your head rent-free?

This sound was created by the user @bmarsz where she would say ¨What´s a video living in this in your head rent-free.¨ People would then stitch this sound with a video that ¨lives in their head rent-free.¨ Some of these videos would be either be funny, sad, or just random. Users continued to use this sound to share videos of their choice allowing them to gain more views and followers.

7.) I understood the assignment

Tay Money released a song called ¨The Assinment¨  in the early year of 2021. In her song, a phrase that many may know was used as a TikTok sound in which people would add the video of them ¨understanding the assignment.¨ Sometimes it would just be the user dancing to the sound with a caption labeling what they did, other times it would be a video of them accomplishing the assignment. Whether be a proud accomplishment or a flaunt, many decided to take part in this trend to show TikTok what they can do.

8.) Olivia Rodrigo

Olivia Rodrigo has stolen the spotlight in 2021 on TikTok. This Disney star released her first song ¨Driver´s Lincense¨ on January 7th of 2021. This song was not only a hit on TikTok but everywhere else including radio stations. She then started coming out with more and more songs like ¨Good for You,¨ ¨Deja Vu,¨ and ¨Jelousy Jealousy.¨  These songs, and many more, made Olivia more and more famous making her songs a trend on TikTok proving that she didn´t become popular out of luck. Olivia has officially released her album ¨Sour¨ including these songs which made her fans go even crazier and she plans to continue releasing music destained to become on TikTok.

9.)Oh No! Our Table! It’s Broken!

You can still hear the little boyś voice ringing in your ear as you say the words ¨Oh no! Our table! It’s Broken.¨ This sound came out in February of 2016 and the user, @Chefsbrim, posted this sound in July of 2021. The original video is of a little boy stacking bricks on top of a glass table. Obviously, the table breaks because brick and glass do not make a cute couple when stacked against each other. The boy then cries out in surprise, ¨Oh no! Our Table! It’s Broken.¨ This trend is one of the most recent ones as people started making TikTok videos to this sound. Some users would just use the sound or they´ll add s funny caption in the video to signify that something isn´t going too well in their favor. Either way, everyone loved this sound and wanted to hop on this fun and hilarious sound.

10.) Berries and Cream

This name itself sounds a little weird for a trend everyone on TikTok wants to do, but for some reason, everyone was doing some kind of video to this sound. The sound was created in 2007 for a Starbucks commercial releasing its new flavor “Berries and Creme.” It starred a “little lad” dancing around saying “I’m a little lad who likes berries and cremes,” wearing  “an awkward bob wearing a velvet shirt and short pants with lace trim.” The commercial became a meme and was all over the internet for quite some time, even featuring remixes of it. It eventually surfaced on TikTok, creating some memorable and hilarious videos.