What Is WOMBO Dream?


A Painting Generated Using The Word “Beach”

Jenna Claire Armstrong

WOMBO Dream is an app that was released on October 13 this year. Within a month, it has quickly shot up the charts to number one in the category of Graphic and Design on the Apple app store. People on Twitter were posting the many colorful paintings the app made.  So, what does WOMBO do that people like so much?


WOMBO Dream is an app that generates different types of paintings. It develops this painting using an AI that artificially generated it based on the word. Users can also pick a type of painting from dark fantasy to steampunk. For example, the painting shown uses the word “beach” and the vibrant style was chosen. This results in weird and wonderful paintings which can range from beautiful to horrifying.


However, how does the AI make a painting? It’s quite simple actually. When a word is chosen, the AI scrawls through the internet for images related to it. The AI puts together some similar colors and themes such as how images of a beach tend to have orange colors and slope like shapes. While it’s unknown exactly what database Dream uses, it does have a wide range of categories. Each painting is visually striking and accurate to the word that is chosen.


This all culminates together in pictures that are perfect for your lock screen. The real way to experience it is to try it yourself! After all, the surprise and variety is the main appeal of WOMBO Dream!