Slime Rancher Sequel Info


If you were on the gaming side of YouTube in 2016, you probably remember the adorable, slow-paced game Slime Rancher. Due to its colorful world, well designed slimes, and addictive management aspects, it became an almost instant hit. Ever since then, the developers, Monomi Park, had been adding little by little to make the game that much better. The best examples include the backstories of other characters that also unlock new places and slimes. However, one thing has flown under a few too many radars.

Monomi Park has had a sequel to Slime Rancher in development for a while, and it is set to release sometime this year. There’s no official date, and there’s been limited content shown, but what has been shown should excite any fan of the original.

The biggest and most apparent additions to the game are, of course, the new slimes. What else would be so important than the fellas you’ll spend the whole game feeding and chasing? Shown in the announcement trailer were a new bunny-eared slime, a flying bat slime, a fluttering butterfly slime, and a goopy angler fish-like slime. Going in order, the bunny-eared slime seems to be a good fill in for the previous Tabby Slime, which are only shown briefly in the trailer. The new airborne slimes offer a much needed variety to the one we had before, Phosphor slimes. The changes in aesthetic and flight pattern keep the environments interesting to look at. And lastly, the new slimes that roam the water, giving another relief to the lacking amount of water slimes. Before, there were only puddle slimes.

Much less exciting, but still interesting, would be the crop selection. Shown in the trailer are colorful cabbages, keeping the theme of the new location– the Rainbow Island. The crops are the backbone of the ranch, but of course, they’re not as interesting as the slimes and environments.

Speaking of environments, the new scenery is leagues above the previous game’s. The updated lighting engine makes the game really stand out, and this lets the environments create much more of an impact. When compared to the original title, there’s only one environment that seems to not have changed much– the caves. Luckily, the lighting of the nearby objects and the inclusion of bat slimes make a world of difference. The other places, however, make much more of an impact. When showing the angler slimes, they also showcased a lovely rocky area with large ponds, perfect for the new water-born species. In terms of the grassy plains areas, the way the slight reflects off of the foliage in a rainbow design really sells the idea that this place is entirely new and lives up to its name.

Lastly, the actual story elements of the game. Not much is known of it so far, however we know for certain it will still follow the original game’s protagonist, Beatrix LeBeau. The rest is up for speculation. It may include Hobson Twillgers, the owner of the previous ranch, or it may include someone entirely new. Of course, there will be new mysteries to solve on the Rainbow Island, most likely specific to it and not planet-wide.

This is about all we know so far, judging from the announcement trailer alone. For all fans of the original game, the sequel should be all we’ve ever wanted and more. New slimes, places, crops, and stories, all in the comfort of a slow-paced, lovely looking game.