Arcane: Was it really that good?


Cole Stork

Arcane is a Netflix series based on the video game League of Legends. First airing in early November of last year, it received positive reviews right out of the gate. The show was released three times weekly in three-episode drops. Once it was announced it instantly became greatly anticipated. One of the major contributing factors to its rising popularity was the release of the song “Enemy” by Imagine Dragons and J.I.D. This song has been reacted to and reviewed countless times and has received stellar reception. It quickly went to the Number 1 spot on Billboard’s TV show theme songs. The millions of views these reactions gathered caused the hype surrounding the show to grow immensely, pushing Arcane to be one of Netflix’s top shows. Even excluding the soundtrack, Arcane has received glowing reviews on its writing and animation. Its writing is mature and doesn’t insult the audience by dumbing down its message. It is concise and genuinely has a very complex plot without causing mountains of headache with overbearing plot twists and the like. The animation is also top-notch. It is some of the best animation Netflix has ever put out and is most definitely within the top three of the last year. One of the major things everyone who has reviewed it has unanimously agreed on is the facial expressions in the show are one of the best qualities of the animation. The animators have mastered micro-expressions; a quality that is almost impossible to do right in animation. The very minute expressions that a normal human face can do are extremely hard to do and this show does them the best. In my opinion, all of Arcane’s qualities make it the best- animated show of the last year.