Billy Loomis and Stu Macher: A Psychological Character Analysis


Hannah Barham

In the original Scream movie, we all know the original Ghostface killers, Billy Loomis and Stu Macher. It’s kind of easy to tell that Billy was very obviously the killer, but we did not expect Stu. Stu was kind of a jerk in the movie, and his actions and mannerisms were extremely out of pocket and all around showed that he was very mentally unstable. According to Stu, he went along with Billy’s killing because he was sensitive and fell victim to peer pressure. However, Billy’s motives were that Sidney’s mother had an affair with Billy’s father, which led to Billy and Stu killing Sidney’s mother and continuing a murder spree. These two were the original Ghostface killers, and would set off a series of people donning the Ghostface mask and killing a group of unsuspecting people. And with the new 2022 sequel being released, we saw someone else put on the mask and continue on the legacy of Billy and Stu. But what exactly drove Billy and Stu to murder? What does Sidney have to do with it? Well, let’s dive in.

Billy Loomis is first. We’re first introduced to Billy as the boyfriend. Billy is charming and he’s undoubtedly good looking. In the first Scream movie, we see him crawl through Sidney’s window to see her. Everything seems fine, we see that Billy and Sidney’s relationship is quite nice, they genuinely seem to like each other. Billy’s mother left when she found out that her husband, Hank, was having an affair with Sidney’s mom, Maureen Prescott. This led to Billy growing a severe hatred towards Maureen and Sidney, which eventually led to Billy and Stu Macher brutally killing Maureen. So this man decides to kill his girlfriend’s mom, then try to kill his girlfriend at the end of the movie. Billy seems to have issues concerning finding that fine line between fiction and reality. He compares a lot of things to horror films. It’s possible that Billy suffers from Fantasy Prone Personality, where someone has a deep involvement in fantasy and fiction. Billy seems to also suffer from delusions, as shown in the last scenes of the movie. Billy has gone as far as attacking his girlfriend’s best friend, and allowing his best friend Stu to attack Sidney in her own home, further terrorizing her. 

And now onto Stu Macher. Oh Lord, Stu is a piece of work. Stu is eccentric, out of the box, and all around a guy who wants to have fun. Like Billy, Stu loves horror films. Stu appears to have a very fragile mental state. Throughout the movie, Stu laughs and jokes and shows no sign of care whatsoever to the killings. In the beginning, Casey Becker was killed, who was Stu’s ex-girlfriend. According to Stu, she dumped him for the football player, Steven, who was also killed in the beginning. However, his friends tell a different story that Stu dumped Casey. What happened? No clue. Stu didn’t really have a full on direct motive to go on his killing spree with Billy. At the end, Stu was bleeding out profusely, and he claimed he was feeling “woozy”. His answer to when Sidney asked him why he did it was that he was sensitive and that he gave into peer pressure, and he wanted the thrill of killing people. In Scream 3, Roman Bridger, Sidney’s half brother, was revealed to be the one who orchestrated the entire plot. He showed Billy the video footage of Maureen and Billy’s father, and offered the idea of killing Maureen. Roman told Billy to get an easily manipulated accomplice to pin the murders on. Billy knew exactly who to target: Stu Macher. Stu immediately went along with the plan, and the plot lasted all the way to the end of the movie. Stu seems to suffer from.. A series of disorders. One of them being antisocial personality disorder and dissociative identity disorder. Stu is undeniably a sociopath.

These two are very obviously insane. We don’t know how they managed to keep up their plot for so long, but they did. They became the two most memorable Ghostface killers, being the two first ones. Billy is canonically dead, but it’s possible that Matthew Lillard could reprise his role as Stu in a possible Scream 6. But for now, we’re left to imagine what could happen next..