Dead Cells DLC Summary

When considering a new game to buy, it’s always just as important to consider the DLC (downloadable content) that you could grab for it in the future, or even as you buy the game itself if you’re that confident about your decision. DLC often introduces just enough new content to warrant their price tags. However, for certain games, the DLC can be so much more. Cue Dead Cells.

Dead Cells is a rogue-lite experience, which is a genre of games about having a pretty different experience every time you load the game up, whether it be from trying a new play style, picking up new items, etc. Dead Cells is one of the highest quality rogue-lites you can buy, and it’s relatively cheap when compared to many other games. On top of its incredible base game, the DLCs really sell the experience.

There are now four major DLCs available for the game, with the last one, The Queen and the Sea, having just come out this year. In order of release, they are Rise of the Giant, The Bad Seed, Fatal Falls, and The Queen and the Sea. The first DLC was released for free, while the others are each about $5-$7. All of these are steals, considering you get many, many more hours out of each download for only a few bucks. However, when should you buy them?

If you’re new to Dead Cells and are already itching to buy some extra content, look no further than The Bad Seed. This DLC is perfect for those new to the game, as it introduces new early game content that is easily accessible, with two new biomes to explore, plenty of good weapons and skills, and a new boss to act as your first hurdle. That’s all well and good, but you’ll probably be playing the first few biomes of the game pretty frequently. What about the rest of the game?

Well, for the middle third of the game, Rise of the Giant and Fatal Falls both introduce two new biomes and two new mid-game bosses each. Rise of the Giant should come with your game, though, so I’ll focus on Fatal Falls. The quality really shines through with this DLC, with the enhanced music and lovely new areas that, despite being very pretty, are deadly for the inexperienced player. It’s perfect for those that may have beaten the game a time or two and are bored of the Stilt Village area.

For the veterans or naturally-gifted players, The Queen and the Sea DLC is the definitive ending. It features a completely alternate path from your usual ending, and the new areas introduced are much more difficult than usual. It sends you through more areas than you would usually go through, and ends the game with two sequential bosses instead of one, but it’s well worth it. The atmosphere, the music, and the new bosses are all top notch. Sadly, the only thing lacking would be the weapons. They should be getting reworked within the near future, however as of right now they are too slow and deal too little damage to be worth using. You could always consider these a fun challenge though, as throwing sharks is too cool not to use.

In the end, when you buy the DLC is up to the player, but if you can only get one at a time, this would be the best order to go through. All of the DLC options increase a shocking amount of quality content for the price point, and even with all three paid DLCs and the main game together, it’s still much cheaper than your typical big name game.