Encanto Summary and Review


Maili Davis

 If you are on any kind of social media platform right now then I’m sure you’ve heard of the newest Disney movie Encanto. With original music created by Lin-Manuel Miranda, there was no doubt that this movie wasn’t going to have catchy songs that could get stuck in anyone’s head for days. The movie is also animated by a great team that creates a diverse cast of characters and showcases the beauty of Columbia.

 The movie follows Mirabel who is a part of the family Madrigal who all have superhuman abilities that were given to them by a magical candle. Although Mirabel is proud to be a part of her family, she struggles as she’s the only one to have not gotten a magical gift from the candle and most of her family treat her as if she’s a bad luck charm, especially her grandmother. Her situation gets worse as her little cousin, Antonio has a gift ceremony, the first one to be held after Mirabel’s. He receives the gift of talking to animals and gets his very own magical room. As the family celebrates by taking a picture, Mirabel is left out and belts out the most emotional song about how she is definitely not fine with being a part of her family with no gift.

 When she’s alone in the courtyard, Mirabel suddenly sees cracks in the Casita and a vision of the candle’s flame going out. She tries to warn her family but she goes unheard when Casita appears undamaged once the others see it.

 After this scene, Mirabel realizes that she needs to save the magic and this leads her to ask her super-strong sister what she knows about the magic disappearing. After another amazing song, Luisa suggests that Mirabel check out their missing uncle Bruno’s room, located in a forbidden tower in the Casita, which may hold some clues to the phenomenon.

 Mirabel soon gets the courage to go into Bruno’s tower which has many many stairs. When at the top, she discovers a cave and recovers pieces of a slab of opaque emerald glass which forms an image showing her causing the Casita to fall apart. After leaving Bruno’s room, Mirabel finds out that Luisa feels her gift is starting to weaken.

 After a really good song about not talking about Mirabel’s uncle Bruno, the family has dinner with a man from town who wants to propose to Mirabel’s other sister Isabela who can grow flowers at will. During dinner, Mirabel’s oldest cousin Dolores blurts out that she overheard Mirabel talking about how Bruno’s vision foretold Mirabel to destroy the magic. The family freaks out as the Casita once again begins to crack and this causes everyone’s powers to go uncontrollable, ruining Mariano’s proposal.

 During the chaos, Mirabel happens to see rats grab the broken pieces of Bruno’s vision and take them to a secret passage behind a painting. Inside the passage, Mirabel finds that Bruno, her missing uncle, has been hiding in the walls of the Casita for the past ten years. Bruno tells Mirabel that after her gift ceremony, her Abuela had asked him to look into the future for Mirabel. He does so and sees an unclear vision of Mirabel and that she may or may not destroy the magic. Fearing that people will only see the bad things about him again, he hides in the walls.

 Mirabel convinces Bruno to have another vision about her, hoping that this time it will be different. This time the vision is still the same but it shows that a solution could be for Mirabel to hug her older sister Isabela whose proposal she ruined. Set on saving the magic, Mirabel sucks it up and goes into her sister’s flowery room looking for a hug but Isabella is still mad about Mirabel ruining her proposal. While kicking her out of the room, Isabella confesses that she didn’t actually want to marry the guy from town and was only doing it for her family.

 After another emotional sister song, Mirabel and Isabella hug, making the candle burn brighter like Bruno’s vision predicted but Abuela gets mad since Isabella isn’t being perfect and Luisa’s powers are almost gone and get into a fight with Mirabel. In the heat of the argument, Abuela blames Mirabel for the candle weakening, and suddenly Casita cracks and falls apart. Mirabel grabs the candle just before their home collapses but despite her efforts, the candle still goes out. In the middle of all the chaos, Mirabel runs away leaving her family to look for her.

 Mirabel is found by her Abuela at the very river that the family Madrigal got their magical candle in the first place. Through a tearjerking song, Abuela tells Mirabel about Abuelo. The love of Abuela’s life had died in front of her while they were trying to escape from their dangerous town and through her grief, the magic candle was created along with their Casita.

 Mirabel realizes that despite Abuela’s flaws, she is still the one who brought and protected the family together all these years. They restore their bond as they hug and understand each other.

 After that emotional moment, Bruno comes in to defend Mirabel despite his fear to stay away from his family. Abuela is happy for his return and they all head back to the rubble that used to be Casita.

 Through song, the Madrigal family with help from the townspeople, rebuild the Casita. Once the house is rebuilt, Mirabel’s family gives her a doorknob with an M on it and through this, they tell her that recognize how strong and brave she was. When Mirabel places it on the front door, the magic springs back to life, restoring the Casita and all of the family’s gifts. The family poses for another picture, this time with Mirabel and Bruno included.

 If you didn’t cry when you saw this movie, then you’re lying or have no emotions. I could watch this movie over and over again and it could still get a tear out of me no matter what. The movie itself is pretty self-explanatory but there are some questions that go unanswered like if Mirabel had had a magic power all along like the rest of her family.

 I think that it’s safe to say that it’s good that Mirabel didn’t have power because if she did, her family would have broken down eventually with the way that her Abuela was treating their family. Mirabel might have also had the power of being the protector of the candle, like her Abuela. Also, something I found interesting was how anytime Mirabel was questioning the family and their magic the Castia’s walls would crack as if her family was breaking apart which could mean that Mirabel was destined to have the Castia fall apart, like Bruno’s vision, so that the family could reunite again.

 Full of colorful characters and brilliant songs, this is the kind of movie that anyone’s family could watch together and have a wonderful time with! With beautiful visuals and top-of-the-chart rating songs, this movie earns its place as the 60th Disney animated film and will always be one of my favorites.