Dramatic, Traumatic, and Problematic

Ms. Martinez’s Creative Writing Class tells upcoming teenagers and high school students how to survive adolescence.


a.) Ask for forgiveness, not permission

b.) Be humble

c.) Care about yourself

d.) Don’t put anyone before you: you should be your number one priority

e.) Everyone has the right to express themselves

f.) Find your peace

g.) Goal setting makes life better

h.) Have some respect for yourself

i.) “I love myself” repeat that every morning in the mirror three times 

j.) Just don’t act like a fool in public unless you’re with a friend group you trust

k.) Kill them with kindness

l.) Love thy neighbor

m.) Math is going to be the death of you, but remember you won’t need to know half of it in real life

n.) No one can tell you that you’re not enough, cause you are

o.) Opossum has an o in front of it. Just because you can’t hear it doesn’t mean its not there

p.) Passion is the best drug

q.) Question everything you think is unfair to you. Don’t keep it around without a good reason

r.) Rest on Sundays.

s.) Stay true to yourself

t.) Time really is money

u.) U matter

v.) Vast opportunities are out there: you will never not have a place on earth. You fit in somewhere

w.) Why settle for less?

x.) X’s are x’s for a reason, leave them in your past 

y.) You are the author to your own story

z.) Zero money, zero life. Get a job 


Lana Keith

Advice for a Teenager

A- Adapt to the people around you

B- Be yourself

C- Clean up after yourself

D- Don’t trust everyone

E- Eat, stop starving yourself

F- Find something that suits you

G- Give & don’t be greedy

H- Honor your word

I- Integrity

J- Judge based on your first instinct

K- Kindness

L- Love your parents

M- March to the beat of your own drum

N- Never let someone tell you who to be

O- One mistake won’t ruin your whole life

P- Please yourself, not others

Q- Quit choosing to be a follower

R- Run to the people who build you up

S- Stop acting, be real

T- Try something new

U- U are your best friend

V- Vulgar words are raunchy, don’t use them

W- Why? (always ask)


Y- You get to choose who you are

Z- Zone out every once in a while



A : Always give out good to those who deserve it.

B : Be a happy face for those who can’t be.

C : Causing drama isn’t right, but sometimes people need to be confronted and called out.

D : Don’t waste your time on someone who doesn’t deserve it.

E : Everything will be fine. 

F : Fitting in isn’t worth it. Be yourself.

G : Grudges are okay. You shouldn’t be forced to forgive or like anyone.

H : Have goals for the future.

I : If you love someone, go for it. Don’t hesitate.

J : Jealousy won’t get you anywhere.

K : Know your self-worth.

L : Love yourself.

M : Make sure to eat and drink every day. 

N : No toxic relationships. Get out of those fast.

O : Offending people isn’t funny or cute.

P : People are cruel. Ignore them.

Q : Question others. Communication is important.

R : Respect yourself and others.

S : Self-care is important. Take care of yourself.

T : Those emotions you might be feeling right now won’t stick around forever.

U : Understand what it means to be kind.

V : Valentine’s Day isn’t just for couples. Don’t ruin it for others just because you’re single and think it is.

W : When toxic people try to re-enter your life, don’t let them.

X : X out any negativity in your life.

Y : Your mental health is important. 

Z : Zodiac signs don’t matter. Don’t base your opinions on someone because of something stupid like that.


Alissa Devers

A – Allow yourself to have goals 

B – Be yourself 

C – Care for others

D – Do things for yourself 

E – Epic be epic 

F – Friendliness is key

G – Good behavior will bring good in life

H – Happiness 

I – If you let what they say about you affect you then it’ll tear you down  

J – Joke with your friends and family

K – Know that someone out there believes in you 

L – Love yourself and others 

M – Motivate yourself 

N – Never give up

O – Open your heart to opportunities 

P – Pour effort into stuff you enjoy 

Q – Quality, you have quality 

R – Realize it’s your life do what you want 

S – Support yourself even when no one else does 

T – Take your time, life goes by fast 

U – Us is out of the question, believe in yourself don’t depend on people 

V – Very necessary, you are very necessary 

W – Will you let them take you down, don’t let them

X – X-factor, you are like an x-factor, talented

Y – You can put yourself first sometimes 

Z – Zappy, be zappy


Collin Ellis

A – Ask for help
B – Become what you wanna be
C – Calculate your choices and how they will affect other people
D – Don’t do drugs
E – Exclude bad/toxic people from your life
F – Friendly
G – Get some assistance if you need it
H – Have good friends that will help you when you need it
I – Ignore people that judge you.
J – Joke every now and then you don’t always have to be serious
K – Keep negative thoughts away.
L – Laugh with friends and have fun
M – Make your life enjoyable.
N – Notice the little things in life
O – Open up to your friends and family.
P – Perceptive.
Q – Question things and learn more about them
R – Return the favor. If someone does you a favor
S – Stop it, get some help
T – Talkative – it’s okay to talk a lot and get to know people
U – Unleash all your bad habits and let them go
V – Vandalism is bad even if it’s tempting
W – Wander around, go and discover places you haven’t been.
X – Xenial (being nice or friendly to foreign visitors)
Y – Yearn for new goals and work towards them
Z – Zen (have lots of it)


Khushi Patel 

A to Z

A: Always think before speaking
B: bake for therapy
C: clean your room
D: Don’t do drugs
E: elevated hormones means you need to sit back and take a breather
F: friends are something that you’ll need to choose wisely
G: Give love
H: Happy teen, happy everyone
I: Ice cream is a must on bad days
J: jokes are funny but be mindful of what you say
K: kindness is key
L: Love everyone
M: mad is an emotion that can be solved with cookies
N: naps are your best friend
O: offending someone is bad, be aware of how you affect others
P: Punching pillows is a good way to release anger
Q: Quit being a bully
R: Rest your body, you are growing every day
S: Social media should not control your life
T: Try to meditate
U: Under peer pressure don’t let someone else make you do something you will end up regretting
V: Vans can be easier to drive as a first-time vehicle compared to a standard small car
W: walks can help you destress
X: X-out is an acne brand that might help you get rid of your acne
Y: You are perfect just the way you are!
Z: Zero excuses for criticizing others


Victoria Duncan

A: Always consider others emotions

B: Beware of who you place your trust in. The people around you hold a major impact on your life and decisions.

C: Create a good routine for yourself that fits your life. School can be extremely stressful and having a good routine is key to help calm you down and maintain stress levels.

D: Drama. Drama is going to happen and while it’s normal it’s not fun. No one enjoys drama so avoid being a part of drama or starting any when possible.

E: Easy comes at a price. You may want things to be easy now but if you’re not living up to your full potential you’ll regret it later. Strive to do and be better than you were yesterday every single day. You’ll never know how truly capable you are if you want everything to be easy and never try.

F: Fear is an okay thing to feel. This time in your life is very hard and scary. So it’s okay to not have it all together yet. Being scared of things such as growing up, social interactions, what others may think of you, and even just day-to-day life is perfectly okay.

G: Get good grades. I know that right now the majority of people don’t care about their grades but your grades in high school are really so important for your future. They can save you a lot of money and get into some really good colleges. Even if you don’t plan on going to college paying attention in class and getting good is still very beneficial to you.

H: Have a positive attitude. If you wake up every morning and tell yourself that you’re going to have a horrible day then you will. Whether you think you can or you think you can’t you are correct.

I: It’s okay to not be okay. Inside today’s society, mental health issues plague children and so many kids are struggling to simply make it to school. You don’t have to have everything figured out yet and it’s okay to not even know what you’re feeling or why.

J: Judging others is not okay. It doesn’t make you cool it just makes you a jerk. Your words, especially at this age, have so much more impact than you realize. So be considerate of others’ situations and lives.

K: Karma is real. While you may be awful to people today and get no consequences today I promise you that karma is coming for you. So just be nice to people and treat others the way you want to be treated.

L: Love is temporary. I know that you want to get married to your boyfriend or girlfriend but chances are you won’t be. While I know it’s a hard pill to swallow it’s the truth. So instead of trying to fight it or hating your ex learn to breakup calmly and respectfully. Sometimes people simply grow apart and that’s okay! especially at an age like this where everyone is growing every day.

M: Mondays. Mondays are the worst and I know that it’s very difficult but try to have a good attitude on Monday. The attitude you have on Monday actually holds a great impact on your attitude for the rest of the week.

N: Never try addictive substances. I know this is something you’ve probably heard all of your life but peer pressure is killer and it’s important to remember. While it may seem fun at the moment or you may think it’s ‘just the one time’ the majority of the time it’s not just once. There’s no need to make a usually permanent decision this time in your life as your brain hasn’t even finished developing.

O: Outside time is very good for you even if you’re not doing anything physical. Simply sitting outside can be very beneficial for your mental and physical wellbeing.

P: Phones are not everything. Take time away from your phone and all forms of social media every day. Social media can be extremely suffocating and horrible for your mental health.

Q: Questioning your sexuality or gender identity is perfectly normal and okay. I’m not going to lie to you, some people are not going to accept you. But that’s okay as the only thing that matters is that you accept yourself.

R: Rationality. Rational thinking and acting rationally is extremely important for avoiding drama as well as maturing. So try to act and think rationally because at your age it’s very easy not to. Consider your options instead of making rash decisions.

S: SLEEP! Sleep is so important and so many kids don’t sleep at the night for a variety of reasons. But whatever the reason may be for you staying up; don’t do it. It’s not worth it and your body will thank you later.

T: Time management is an extremely important skill to have. Possessing good time management skills is key to keeping good mental health. It is also key for keeping a good school-life balance.

U: Understand that people may not like you but that’s okay because all that matters is that you like yourself.

V: Versatility; if you’re going to ever learn a new skill in life the majority of the time it’s going to be now. So try new skill sets, join a club or sports team, and apply yourself. Instead of settling for simply doing the same things you’ve been doing since middle school.

W: Weird is okay! Be a weirdo, be crazy, and just be yourself instead of worrying about what others think of you. Chances are once you’re older you’ll never even see the majority of these people again. Or if you do see them you both will be completely different people than when you were kids.

X: XOXO; Understand that some people may be uncomfortable with you kissing and hugging your significant other all the time. I understand that you love them and want to hug and kiss which is fine. However, making out in the hallways or doing it in a manner that’s inappropriate is not okay.

Y: Yawning in classes is normal and perfectly okay! However, please cover your mouth when you do so as it’s respectful to do for those around you.

Z: Zoom classes are still classes. Just because a class is online does not mean that you should completely slack off and not pay attention. If you want to be in your pajamas or eat something that’s fine as long as you’re not being a distraction to yourself or others. But still, take the time to learn in your online other wise you’ll be wasting your own time.



A- Ask for help
B- Breathe
C- Carve out time for yourself
D- Don’t rush to grow up
E- Express yourself
F- Failing is okay
G- Grades matter
H- Have faith in yourself
I- Investigate new things
J- Joke around sometimes
K- Kindness is important
L- Learn to cook
M- Make new friends
N- Never be afraid to start over
O- Open up to new ideas
P- Put yourself first
Q- Questions are a good thing
R- Respect is vital
S- Start saving up money
T- Take risks
U- Unique is a good thing
V- View both sides of everything
W- Write your own story
X- Xenodochy; help out others
Y- You should always try your best
Z- Zone out (it’s okay to zone out sometimes)


Sarah Jean

A. Anarchy
B. Be who you want to be, not who others tell you to be
C. Create
D. Don’t shame others
E. Expand your knowledge
F. Face up to your faults and fears
G. Give advice and take advice
H. Hope for the best but expect the worst
I. “I Love You” means more than you think, only say it when you mean it
J. Join a club, organization, or cult. (whatever makes you happy)
K. Kick nazis, fascists, racists, rapists, and bigots to the curb
L. Listen and try to understand
M. Music is a great escape from reality
N. Normalize instead of supporting stigmas
O. Opinions are not facts so keep them to yourself unless necessary
P. People are not tools you get to use and throw out when you’re done
Q. Question those who try to push your morality
R. Respect is earned, yes, but it is still something that everyone deserves
S. Stand for what you believe, sit for no one
T. Think before saying – don’t say anything you don’t mean
U. Understand not everyone is going to agree with you
V. Violence doesn’t solve anything
W. Wish for peace
X. Xenophobes are worth curb stomping (for legal reasons and morals, this is a joke)
Y. Your life will always be worth something
Z. Zombies are better than politicians



A- Attract good people, not bad.
B- Be happy within yourself
C- Call friends after school to maintain friendship
D- Don’t allow yourself to be a victim of toxicity
E- Everyone is against you but yourself
F- Feeling will hurt but allow yourself to feel, feel everything
G- Go do things that will make you happy
H- Help yourself before others being selfless isn’t all that good
I- ignore hatred even when it’s hard too
J- Just breathe and not worry
K- Keep your friend group small
L- Let others get to know you, don’t be so quiet
M- Move with things like a cloud
N- Never allow someone to manipulate you into things
O- Overall try to be happy
P- Please be nice to others around you, you’ll make friends
Q- quit being negative with yourself
R- Reassure yourself before doing something
S- Stress less about things at home and school work
T- Talk to people
V- Violence isn’t always the answers with things
W- wish for things it’ll come true sometimes
X- Xaviers aren’t always good people
Y- You’ll see benefits if you wait long enough
Z- Zachs are manipulative stay away from them



A- Always try and make new friends
B- Be yourself
C- Continue on with life no matter how hard it gets.
D- Don’t care what others think.
E- Earn the most you can.
F- Find out who you are.
G- Grasp life’s challenges and get over them yourself.
H- Have a solution to every possible problem.
I- Investigate new activities.
J- Just be honest with yourself and others.
K- Keep moving forward
L- Learn to let go of things
M- Make sure you are in a good mental state
N- Never compare yourself to other people
O- Open your mind up to new ideas and hobbies
P- Push the toxic people out of your life
Q- Question everything possible; especially why?
R- Restart as much as you need make new starts whenever you need it.
S- Stay with the friends that make you feel the most comfortable, and let you be yourself.
T- Take on your problems, don’t run from them.
U- Use your time wisely
V- View both sides to every story
W- Write your own story, create memories, and have fun.
X- Be a xenagogue, also known as a leader or guide.
Y- Your worth the world and more, don’t let people say you aren’t.
Z- Be zappy and full of energy have an open mind and be nice to as many people as possible.