Risk of Rain 2 DLC Summary

Hunter Meador, Journalist

Risk of Rain 2 is another beautifully made rogue-lite game set on the planet of Petrichor V. For those who haven’t read my Dead Cells DLC review, a rogue-lite is a game that’s quite a bit different every time you play it. This game in particular will give you different scenery, monsters, and items each time you play it. However, today isn’t for me to explain the regular game. For those interested in more content for this game, there’s a new DLC that’s been announced to be released next month for PC and not too much later for console: Survivors of the Void.

This DLC pack includes two new survivors to play as, a variety of enemies and items, new places to explore, and an entire new game mode that looks much higher quality than the extras we have currently that are just variations of the standard.

As far as the survivors, the first that was revealed is the new Railgunner class. This character is the long anticipated return of the Sniper from Risk of Rain with a fresh coat of paint. This character, unlike all others, does not have a regular chance for critical strikes. Instead, when reloading, it allows you to time it just right to allow your next shot to always be a critical strike. Any items that increase critical strike chance instead increase critical strike damage, which is significant. Overall, the Railgunner will be the longest ranged survivor the game and offer an entirely unique yet powerful experience.

The other survivor, which was revealed very recently, is the Void Fiend. This character has two modes that it switches between automatically, depending on a meter displayed above your skills. Your base form is a balanced, all around decent survivor with good skills. However, when your meter is filled, the Void Fiend will become corrupted. In this phase, all of your skills will be amplified to an extreme. This phase only lasts a few brief, very destructive moments, though. Luckily, its Special Skill allows the Void Fiend to hold on to its current form for a little bit longer, buying you either more time to destroy or hold your corrupted form off for when you need it most.

As far as the scenery and enemies go, the newcomers definitely stand out from what the game currently has. A new first stage will be added (finally) that sports an arctic tundra with a large tree in the middle, somewhat similar to the map of the same name from the first game. There’s also a ruined, golden temple section that has a particularly nice glow to it. The new enemies to populate these areas are all very odd compared to the base game’s, as well. There are new fuzzy fliers, large void brutes, the legendary Gup from the first game, and more.

The most important part of the new DLC, though, is the new game mode: The Simulacrum. In this mode, survivors ditch the explore-and-leave game play of the base game in favor of wave based defense. The Simulacrum itself generates terrain randomly from every other map in the game, as well as using some new places only for Simulacrum itself, then pits the players against increasingly difficult waves. In between waves, players are given a choice between 3 of the same quality items. The goal is simply to get as far as possible in the wave count to boast to friends or simply spend some nice time with them.

Overall, The Survivors of the Void seems like everything the Risk of Rain 2 community has been asking for. It features an entirely new game mode to spice up the game play in a way they haven’t tried before, a popularly voted character to return as well as a brand new surprise character, new enemies and places to go, and lovely new music from Chris Christodoulou himself. If you enjoy Risk of Rain 2, then this DLC will be a must-have.