What Is Monument Mythos?

The year is 2020 and the Evergreen has been stuck in the Suez Canal for three weeks. President Hilarry Clinton orders a nuke to be launched into the ocean nearby in an attempt to free the ship. The nuke is fired, causing a wave to move the ship.


Then, the ship sprouts legs and walks onto land.


This is just one of the many bizarre events to take place in the alternate reality that the web series Monument Mythos describes. The series is made by Alex Kansas and is both analog horror and a fascinating alternate history series. This is a universe where the strangest things can happen, from James Dean becoming president to the Freedom statue being alive and used by The United States to murder dissedents.


Analog horror is a popular type of horror video series to make on Youtube. In these videos, it will be in the style of old VHS tapes with grainy footage and static buzzing on the screen. Most commonly, there will be eerie pictures or distorted faces ready to jumpscare you.


Monument Mythos is unique in that it combines this genre with the alternate history genre, which is exactly what it sounds like. It’s just people writing alternate histories, such as “What If America Lost To The British?”. This can lead to people speculating about the ripple effects on history.


While most Alternate History stories are aiming to be speculative and factual, Monument Mythos is different. It’s aim is to be creepy and mysterious, leaving the viewer wondering just how much has changed while still being appealing to a history buff.


And there are many changes. Lovecraftian monsters exist in this America, some used by the government and some who just operate on their own. However, they are all treated fairly casually by the people in the world of Monument Mythos such as complaining on an alternate Twitter about The Suez Canal Crab. Monument Mythos is great in that it assumes its viewers are intelligent enough to piece together what has happened and causes horrifying realizations when you figure it out.


Whether it’s the questions surrounding James Dean or the mysterious trees that transport people to alternate realities, Monument Mythos offers a lot of questions and is still delivering on answers. So, I’d suggest you go and watch them for free on YouTube and see what you can piece together.


Just stay away from The Statue of Liberty’s base, lest you awaken the Liberty Lurker!