PGL Major Antwerp Europe RMR Team List Set


Spencer Smith, Writer

The 32 teams that will compete at the two European RMRs have been decided. The four PGL Major Antwerp Europe RMR Open Qualifiers and the Far East Russia Open Qualifier have come to an end, with all teams that will be competing at the two European RMRs in Bucharest, Romania, on April 17-24, having been decided. The last teams to make it through the European open qualifiers were Eternal Fire, Sangal, fnatic, GamerLegion and Anonymo, while QUAZAR booked their spot through the Far East Russia qualifier. The first team to secure their passage through the bracket in the final EU RMR open qualifier were none other than Eternal Fire, who beat the likes of Savage and HAVU on Saturday before taking out Nemiga and Anonymo on Sunday to book their ticket to Bucharest. Turkish fans will also be happy to learn that the European mix under former Space Soldiers player Tugay “TuGuX” Keskin, Sangal, also made their way through the top 16 by beating Temperate before winning their best-of-three quarter-final series against the Danes of Tricked. 

Fnatic also prevailed in the qualifier’s quarter-finals after making quick work of Wisla Krakow in the round of 16, beating the Bulgarians of FATE in a hotly contested affair that went to twenty-nine rounds in the opening map and the full thirty in the last two, as Freddy “KRIMZ” Johansson led the way with a 1.31 rating. The last quarter-final match to end was the one pitting SKADE and GamerLegion, with both teams winning the other’s pick before going to a fought out Nuke that ended with a 16-13 victory for the Swedish-majority team. The standout player in the series was Ivan “iM” Mihai, who ended with a 1.24 rating across all three maps and 1.37 in the Nuke decider. The last team to qualify through the fifth place decider bracket was Anonymo, who cleared a comeback against FATE in the semi-final match before securing their berth by beating Tricked in the brackets final, taking Mirage 16-9 and Nuke 16-5. The Far East Russia qualifier with a spot up for grabs at the EU RMR also ended on Sunday, with Vladimir “la3uka” Shurygin’s QUAZAR making it through the semi-finals and final with 2-0 victories over WHYKICK and HOTU.

The full list of European RMR bound teams is: RMR Europe A: Natus Vincere, Heroic,, Vitality, FaZe, and MOUZ. RMR Europe B: G2, Gambit, NIP, Entropiq, Copenhagen Flames, Astralis and ENCE. TBD Europe RMR: OG, HEET, Dignitas, AVE, SAW, Unique, BIG, fnatic, Eternal Fire and Sangal. TBD Europe RMR: SINNERS, Bad News Eagles, Spirit, Endpoint, Sprout, forZe, GamerLegion, Anonymo, and QUAZAR. While the end of the qualifiers are upon us, there are ultimately still spots up for grabs for the major.