Tips For Candle-Making!

Jenna Claire Armstrong

Candle making has been a popular and useful hobby since they were invented. Before electricity, candles offered an easy way to light up a room. Nowadays, people still use candles for the aesthetic and scent. Here are some tips on how to make beautiful candles!


  1. Find the perfect wax! One of the most important parts of a candle is the wax and there are many different brands out there. These brands vary in quality so it’s important to try out many types. For example, beeswax makes candles a beautiful gold but its honey scent can mask a scent you want. Experiment and find the best  wax for your purposes!
  2. Carefully follow steps! Each step of the candle making process is important and should not be skipped. Many kits provide written instructions so make sure to read them carefully. After all, no candle is made in the exact same way!
  3. Pick the right wick! There are many different kinds and even something as small as the color can cause a different light. There are sites that offer wick charts, such as Find the right wick to get that perfect flame!
  4. Take notes! Every candle is an experiment, even the ones that go wrong. Write down what waxes and wicks work and which ones don’t. Good notes can help you make excellent candles!
  5. Be careful with decorations! Some candle recipes suggest flower petals for decorations but these can catch on fire! No matter how pretty it looks, it’s important to be safe first! Good decorations are small stones or putting it in a good jar!