Kim Kardashian Declared Single From Kanye West


Maddie Warren

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West were married for seven years and have four children together. They have been publicly separated for a while, the big news being that Kanye had moved to Wyoming. Ms. Kardashian filed for divorce in February of 2021, and they have been squabbling over social media for several months. The internet war really spiked when Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson went public with their relationship back in November. Pete Davidson says that Kanye fans are harassing him to the point where he has to delete a lot of his posts and turn comments off.

Kim and Kanye had signed a prenup, keeping their assets and the money they make together seperate. Kanye, however, requested that Kim not be able to move any of her money from any trusts. This request waas unnecessary and denied by the court. He also requested that Kim give up her marital privelages if she were to ever remarry. This essentially means that her and her husband could be called to testify against eachother. This request was also denied, and Kim was fianlly declared single. She also officially dropped West from her name. Kim appeared in court virtually, and Mr. West did not appear at all, so it is unclear on how Kanye feels about this outcome.