Chris got Rocked by Smith


Mia Townsend, Editor in Chief

This year, the Oscars hosted their 94th annual Award ceremony to announce the winners of the nominees in their category. Unfortunately for them, not many people were interested in the Oscars. Many people claim that they, and the Grammys, are only based on popularity. They are not based on the nominees’ actual performance. Others didn’t even know that the Oscars were going on. This was until Chris got rocked by Will Smith. 

When Chris Rock was going to announce the winner for the category “Best Documentary Feature,” he was giving a small talk speech that announcers usually give. As a comedian, Rock decided to crack some jokes to draw the audience’s attention to what was going on. Unfortunately, he made the wrong joke to the wrong person. When Chris was cracking jokes to the crowd, he made a joke about Jada Smith’s hair. He had made a GI Jane joke about Jada and her hair loss, which she cannot control because she has alopecia, a disease that causes patchy hair. Jada Smith was diagnosed with this and confirmed having it in 2018 during an episode of “Red Table Talk.” 

At first, the joke seemed lighthearted and funny when Chris made this joke. Will Smith was even seen laughing when the camera panned over to the couple. His wife, however, was not laughing at all. Will then proceeded to walk up to Chris Rock and slap him. He laughs it off and says, “Wow!” When Will sits down, he yells toward Chris saying, “Keep my wife’s name out of your ******* mouth.” Chris seemed to be surprised and didn’t see why this lighthearted joke turned so violent. 

Chris later confessed that he didn’t know that she had alopecia, which seems unlikely because this was open information that most people knew about since she came out with the disease. Chris posted an apology online, not towards Jada, but towards the academy. Many think that this is a publicity stunt because Chris Rock just stood there as Will Smith was about to slap him when a normal person would get defensive. Another theory is that there is a connection between what happened and a new drug that will help alopecia introduced by the drug company that sponsors the Oscars, Pfizer. 

Though some think there is a connection, others say this was no stunt because Will Smith would not risk his career for a mere joke. He did apologize for his actions and had resigned from the Oscars. Maybe this was just something he just wanted to do before he resigned. Even if this does hurt Will Smith’s career, he has enough money to retire and live a good life as long as he uses his money intelligently. Either way, Chris’s face will not recover from this one.