Lisbon to host BLAST Premier Spring Final


Spencer Smith, Writer

BLAST has announced that Lisbon, Portugal, will play host to the Spring Final tournament from June 15-19, The event venue will be the 15,000-seater Altice Arena, which hosted a BLAST Pro Series tournament at the end of 2018 and saw Astralis come out victorious at the peak of their era. The Portuguese capital city will play host to teams like FaZe, Natus Vincere, and G2 in June. Six out of eight teams participating in the event have been confirmed so far, coming from the Spring Groups stage which kicked off tier-one competition in 2022. Debuting with new squads, FaZe, Vitality, OG, and G2 earned their place at the Final along with BIG and Natus Vincere. The remaining two teams will come from the Spring Showdowns in Europe and North America, set to be played from April 27-May 1.

FURIA and Liquid will be the two biggest favorites to grab the NA spot, while in Europe there will be fierce competition featuring four current top 10 teams: Heroic, ENCE, NIP, and Astralis. The total team list includes: FaZe, Natus Vincere, G2, Vitality, BIG, OG, and two spots for teams who qualify from the Spring Showdowns in NA and EU respectively. This will be the first time that BLAST hosts a venue in Lisbon after three and a half years. The teams that have already qualified for the Spring Finals have qualified through the Spring Groups in either a winner or runner-up spot. Both North America and Europe still have the Spring Showdowns to be played from the Spring Groups, where the winners will qualify for the Spring Finals.

The teams attending the European Spring Showdown are as follows: Heroic, ENCE, NIP, Astralis, Movistar Riders, Copenhagen Flames, Bad News Eagles, and NKT. Teams attending the North American Spring Showdown are: FURIA, Liquid, Complexity, MIBR, GODSENT, paiN, Evil Geniuses, and Sharks. The prize pool for the Spring Final is said to be $425,000, alongside ESL Tour Points for those participating. Many predict FaZe to take home the trophy this year, as their recent rise to form is now spanning across multiple tournaments, hinting at a flash of brilliance in the gold pan world of Counter-Strike. Though predictions can only go so far, one team will be crowned champion at BLAST Premier Spring Final 2022 in Lisbon, Portugal on June 19th.