Tips And Tricks For The Best Sunbathing Experience!


Shelby Palmer, Journalist, Photographer

Tanning is one of the bodily functions that our skin does while being exposed to the sunlight. More specifically, the UV rays (Ultraviolet Rays). You may see people tanning or laying out by pools during early spring and in the summer time. “Sunbathing” can be very relaxing and enjoyful, but there is some precautions you should take in the meantime to avoid getting sunburnt. Let’s discuss how to get that amazing glow to your skin in the matter of minutes to hours of just getting your dose of Vitamin D! First we need to talk about your precare, how to take care of your skin in order to keep it healthy and moisturized.

  • Stay exfoliated and moisturized. Consider adding some things to your shower routine. For example, in my shower routine, it consists of tree hut sugar scrubs, in-shower lotions, and body washes. I reccomend adding all these things considering the outcome will leave you with glowing skin!


  • Consider adding some of these foods into your diet: Carrots, Lemons, Eggs, Kale, Spinach, Strawberries, (Mainly red fruits).


  • Never turn down sunscreen! You’d rather tan than burn, right? Burning just means that you would have to wait longer to recover from your burn, and your chances of getting skin cancer increase each time your body burns. Consider using tanning products that contain SPF!


  • What are some tanning lotions/products that I recommend? “Maui Babe Browning Lotion”,  i’d say 9/10, just makes you extremely oily. I also use hawaiian tropic coconut oil, it smells really nice and makes you skin very moisturized so I totally think you should consider it.


  • Try to be careful about your sun exposure. Check your forecast UV index of that day. The UV index can range from 1-10. There is a chart that you can follow on how much time you should limit it to. If you are looking to tan, stick to UV Indexs’ within 4-7. But be careful an avoiding long exposure.

UV Index chart:   Index:  1-2/ low to moderate, burn time: 60 minutes.

3-5/ Moderate, Burn time, 45 minutes.

6-7/ High, Burn time, 30 minutes.

8-10/Very High, Burn time, 15-25 mins.

Stay moisturied after sun exposure to keep your skin from being dry! Happy Tanning!