Jenna Claire Armstrong

With prom approaching, many people are looking to ask someone out. One method in particular has gotten popular and it’s called the Promposal. A Prompasal is asking someone to prom in an extravagant way, almost like asking someone to marry you. One does wonder, how exactly it became a widespread phenomena in the first place?


Promposals started to become popular in 2001, after a Texas newspaper reported on it. There had also been a contest for the most creative prom proposal, which tended to be wild and over the top. However, the trend exploded in the late 2000’s caused by the rise of social media. Teens loved to post videos of their cute prom dates and watch as the likes flooded in. 


The most popular promposals involve flowers and balloons. Sometimes they also use candy. All of them are meant to be viral and clickable, while also being fun to do!