Prom Traditions Around The Globe


Jenna Claire Armstrong

One of the most well known high school traditions is starting in a month and that is prom! While prom is mostly associated with American high school, it’s actually celebrated around the world! However, one might wonder what the differences are? All countries have different and fascinating ways of prom!


In Finland, prom is very different. Prom is a ball called Vanhojen tanssit and is not for the oldest students.Instead, it’s for the class right behind them because they are the future leaders of the school. The atmosphere of it is more formal and dignified, seeing as the goal is to come across as adults. Students can take a class in order to learn dances such as the tango or the waltz. Finland prom is much more formal than American prom.


There is also prom in Peru, which tends to be much longer. It is called Fiesta de Promocion and is typically held at a hotel. The first part of the night has teachers and parents and then they leave so that the kids can party all night long. The party commonly goes on until the morning and ends with an extravagant breakfast!


Finally, there is Germany. Here the prom is called the Abiball. Typically, a lot of family members will come to this dance and there is a special ceremony to thank the teachers. There is also the main difference in beverages. Since Germany has a legal drinking age of sixteen, the attendees could drink wine instead of soda. Overall, its loads of fun!


While some proms are different, they all have one major similarity. They are all meant to be an enjoyable and memorable night for all who attend!