Prom Disaster

You all might think senior prom should be a night to remember. In my friend’s case, it definitely was. In the worst way possible, it was an eventful prom night. As I arrived at the Burks Mansion, I noticed her crying because her dress was falling apart. As soon as I got there she was waiting to leave. Her out of school date stood there confused while he was surrounded by a bunch of strangers. Her dad pulled up and took her to get her dress fixed, leaving her date standing there lost. She went to Ulta to get help from a few of the women working there. After her dress was finally fixed, she arrived at the Blacksmith with zero pictures for the night ahead. Her salad was gross and twenty dollars. After we left there, we went to the school for the actual prom event. It looked beautiful but was so hot and muggy due to all of the people in there. Her date was still not present. She was left to dance alone for a good forty five minutes while we were all with our dates. When we were leaving she found out that he had been sitting at Walmart all this time. What a night it was for her and her date.