a few thoughts before going to college

Mary Norton

I am Mary Norton, a senior at Dyer County Highschool. I am planning to attend UT Martin in the fall in hopes of becoming a forensic psychologist. My top priority though, is to cling to Jesus while undergoing so much change. I am also a preacher’s daughter and a regular attender of Riverwoods Church. I sing in the worship band on Sundays and am active in my youth group on Wednesdays. I guess you could say I am pretty involved in my church and always have been due to my dad’s position but wouldn’t have it any other way. I have grown up in a christian home and church became a habit that led me to the christian life style and sparked my spiritual growth as well as my love for Jesus. I got saved at the age of nine years old and don’t feel as if I truly understood the depth of God’s love for us and how important it is to give glory to God in everything I do. Within the past two years especially, I have grown closer to the Lord through my struggle with mental illness. It’s been hard but God hasn’t given up on me and somehow reminds me of my purpose each and everyday.  I will be honest, I am not necessarily looking to go into ministry but I am open minded and up for anything God calls me to do. However God wants me to fulfill my purpose here on earth whether it be in ministry, social work, or whatever it may be, I am up for it!