Elden Ring: Our Personal Experiences So Far


Spencer Smith and Ryan Larson

Elden Ring is the latest entry into the “Soulsborne” series, and is considered by many to be the most expanded and inclusive entry yet. Despite being our first venture into the series, it has already managed to capture our attention for hours on end despite its clear difficulty barrier. Games inside of the “Soulsborne” series are notorious for their unforgiving levels of difficulty, and this entry is no stranger to that. From my personal experience, starting from a completely blind standpoint, venturing into the game is something that is apparent only to the user’s point of interest. The game is only navigated through which direction the player seems to push the analog stick.

From the beginning, the game presents itself in a world of torture, as the first landmark the player sees is guarded by a boss that is extremely more powerful than the player, leading to instant death upon initial conflict. However, if you’re able to avoid the boss, you can make it to the first landmark, Church Of Ellah. Here you can touch your first location of grace, upon which the game will refill your health and mana flasks, as well as fill your health, but will also respawn any nearby enemies that you have defeated. The method of leveling up is carried out by gaining souls, which is done by defeating various beings throughout the game. However, if you are at any point slain throughout your ventures, you lose the complete total of your souls that you have collected.

However, upon respawning at any point of grace you have most recently touched, you can reclaim the total amount of souls lost by venturing back to the location of which you were slain, and collecting them from the exact position of your death. However, if you die again during this journey before you’re able to recollect the souls, you lose the souls forever. Regardless, the game presents itself in a very free and adventurous format in which one can lose themselves in. The varying class system along with the dynamic levels of difficulty presented throughout even the beginning of the game makes for an interesting experience. Elden Ring is a welcomed entry to the “Soulsborne” series and one we believe you should definitely consider experiencing for yourself.