Amber Heard Losing in the Court of Public Opinion Against Johnny Depp

Amber Heard Losing in the Court of Public Opinion Against Johnny Depp

Madison Warren

Johnny Depp is suing Amber Heard for an Op-Ed she wrote claiming that he abused her. This is a defamation case; Johnny Depp aims to prove that he was the victim of abuse. Amber Heard may win her case, but she has lost in the court of public opinion. Her lack of evidence is apparent and her lawyers do not seem to have a clear understanding of how the courtroom works. One of her lawyers even objected to a question that he had asked a witness and had to be reminded that he had asked it. The same lawyer attempted to use tabloid articles as evidence. Johnny’s lawyers have submitted several recordings of conversations between Amber and Johnny where he has begged her to stop being violent and she says that she can’t because she gets too mad. Another recording of Amber where she claims that no one will believe him because he is a man has also been played. Amber has little to no evidence with the exception of text messages where Johnny calls her names.

Body language experts have also analyzed both Amber Heard’s and Johnny Depp’s testimonies. Amber Heard is very clearly overacting, crying with no tears and describing things in the room rather than the abuse. She also stutters and takes a long time to answer questions, showing characteristics of a liar. Johnny Depp on the other hand was very calm even in the face of cross examination. Experts say that he seems to be telling the truth, but it is of course harder to tell considering his line of work.

While past relationships and crimes cannot be brought up in court, they can be brought up in the court of public opinion. Johnny’s ex-girlfriends and even Amber’s parents are in support of Johnny, making it evident that he does not have a past of abuse. Amber Heard on the other hand has been arrested for domestic abuse of a past girlfriend. There has also been elevator footage of Amber Heard cheating on Johnny Depp, bringing James Franco to their penthouse. Depp also claims that she had an affair with Elon Musk.

Others on the internet have noticed Amber suspiciously sniffing her tissue and then wiping her nose with her hand. Amber has already lied on the witness stand about using cocaine in the past. Reports from her nurse state that she has struggles severely with addiction. She also seems to act sporadically right after, following a stage of exhaustion. Many speculate that she is using cocaine in the courtroom, as well as alcohol in a silver bottle she keeps in her pockets. This, of course, is all hearsay.