The Cause of Lupus Identified!

Recently, researchers have discovered the cause of the disease Lupus.


Lupus is an autoimmune disease which means it attacks the body’s cells. Lupus affects the cells by causing inflammation in the organs and joints which affects one’s movement and skin. The disease affects about a quarter of a million people in the US and UK and Lupus can lead someone to an early death. 


Even though there is currently no cure, discovering a cause is a great way to move forwards towards a cure! Researchers found the cause by carrying out a whole genome sequencing on a girl, Gabriella, with the disease which allowed them to find a specific and unique mutation. In order to test it, the mutation was applied to rats and the rats also developed Lupus. Thus, this shows that the mutation and Lupus are definitely connected!


Gabriella named the mutation Kika and she is now a teeanger. She stays in contact with the research team and hopes that other people with lupus will not feel so alone. The research team has also made progress, contacting pharmaceutical organizations in order to help develop a medicine that specifically targets the mutation.


Overall, great progress has been made towards a cure thanks to a young girl and a couple of mice!