Water Parks

Water Parks

Bradley Akin and Joshua Aden

It’s right at the end of the school year with only 3 days left of school, and now that the weather is changing and we see temperatures rise to 90 and above, waterparks are a great idea to consider over our summer break. Water parks offer various activities, including unique summer beverages, diving boards, water slides, wave pools, and a chance to spend time with friends and family. So, this story will briefly mention some of our favorite water parks that we suggest visiting sometime over the 2 months you’re out of school.

Located in Cape Girardeau the first water park we will be talking about is cape splash. Offering many different fun rides this amazing water park coincidentally opens next Monday, May 28th. Although this park provides amazing rides it comes at an astonishing cost of only 10 dollars. There are a few heights and weight restrictions, but they are not too limiting so for the most part, this park is inviting to everyone. With this amazing attraction comes 8 water slides one being a 265-foot-long free-fall slide. This water park is at the top of my list which I guess you’ll have to visit to find out if it’s yours. 

Open now until the end of summer Dollywood water park is the next and final water park we will talk about. The price of one day at this water park may seem like a lot, but I promise that the whole 60 dollars will be worth the visit. Housing 16 different water attractions is an amazing choice when deciding to go to a water park. Located in pigeon forge in the smoky mountains you might as well plan a whole trip while you’re at it. 

Water parks are a great place to spend time with your family and enjoy yourself while experiencing the amazing activities they have to offer. While we suggest water parks such as Cape Splash and Dollywood Water Park, there are plenty of other water parks located throughout Tennessee, one we haven’t yet mentioned being Six Flags water park. This water park is accompanied by a large theme park with over 10 different thrilling rides, and various places to eat, and is all generally based around Warner Bro’s productions, in our next story we can talk about this topic.