The Boy Who Cried Clown

The Boy Who Cried Clown

I was running through the woods, it was getting pretty dark. I was running because I knew something or someone was chasing me. What if they were to jump out of nowhere and take me away? I hate the thought of being kidnapped, no one would be around to take care of Granny. Spencer would probably watch over her while I’m gone. Wait, why am I thinking about this?! No one is going to come after me, I’m a loser. The people worth taking are the jocks and rich kids. As I was getting lost in my own thoughts, I find a tree and hide behind it. I pull out my phone to call the police. I hear slow and steady steps, so I begin to hold my breath. When taking a quick glance away from my phone, I see behind me a tall, dark figure. My fear ends up getting the best of me and I begin running again and kept looking behind me, hoping it would go away.


A few days ago, I started at a new school in a small town called Old Widow Creek. During summer I moved from a highly populated city to this small, isolated town. It gets a little lonely out here without any friends but I have my games and comics to keep me occupied. Being the new kid at a school is terrifying, but surprisingly on the first day of school I met this kid named Chris. 

“Hey, what are you reading?” an unfamiliar voice said out of the blue.

“Oh, just reading some Batman comic.” I answered.

“You’re into comics too?” the voice asked. 

“Yes, you are too?” I replied. 

“Oh yeah! I love comics,” the voice responds, “I’m Chris, what’s your name?”

“Ned Frankfurtel. I just moved here during summer.” I stated.

At first he kind of creeped me out, but as we talked throughout the day, it turned out we had a lot of things in common. He loves comics and video games, mainly the retro ones which I relate to. I was still kind of concerned that he immediately seeked me out but he seemed really nice. One day I noticed something. The jocks were doing their normal routine and picking on the nerdy new kid, but one of them didn’t seem to thrilled to see his friends picking on others. That’s when I met Spencer Grey.


“Hey, Ned right?” Spencer asked as he walked up.

“Yeah, are you going to knock my books out of my hands or shove me into a locker? If so, I need to brace for it.” I said, backhandedly.

“Speaking of that, I just wanted to apologize on behalf of myself and the guys.” Spencer said.

“I guess it’s fine, nothing like a shove in the morning to keep you alert.” I joked.


We laughed and then went our separate ways, but little did I know that I had just sparked a new, amazing friendship. But something still felt off. I could feel a chill on the back of my neck, like someone was staring at me. When I turned around, I couldn’t spot anyone.

The school day ended and I had to walk home because Granny is too old to drive. I heard whispers and laughter behind me. I looked back to see who it was and it was another one of those jocks and a cheerleader. I was pretty sure they were making fun of me, maybe the way I dress or walk, something stupid like that. The chatter continued until it suddenly came to a halt. Silence filled the afternoon air. I looked back to see if the jock and cheerleader were still there but they weren’t. It was like they vanished into an unknown abyss. I, then, began to feel like I was being watched again. Then I started to see something hiding behind a lightpost. All I could make out was a shiny red circle, that seemed to be a nose. Immediately my mind began thinking about what I should do. Run? Hide? Where should I go? I couldn’t go home, what if it ended up following me? I began to feel sick to my stomach. I started to hide behind a tree, but first I had to see if it was still there. I turn around and it seems to be closer than before. I got even more scared, I took a deep breath and started to run as fast as I possibly could to my home. 


I bursted through the door with tears streaming down my face. Granny immediately asked me what was wrong but I could not talk. I could not process what just happened. What did I just see? A clown? I tried to convince myself that my mind was playing tricks on me. Maybe I played to many horror games or possibly I wasn’t used to this small town yet. 

“Calm down son, you need to calm down.” Granny said in her soft, comforting voice.

“Someone or something is following me, Granny.” I said, trying to catch my breath.

“Even so, there’s nobody’s here now but me and you, right?” Granny reassured to me.

“Right.” I said back to her.

“Ok, now. Slowly, take some deep breaths and go wash up. You’re sweaty.” Granny said.

“Yes ma’am.” I replied, chuckling.


The next morning I woke up, I didn’t even remember falling asleep. I did my usual routine in the morning. Lay in my bed and procrastinate everything, finally decide to get up and shower, brush my teeth and hair, get dressed, then cook Granny and myself a quick breakfast because the ones at school are terrible. But something was different this morning. I went to the kitchen to start cooking but I saw someone standing outside. I thought it might’ve been the same person from last night looking for a round two. But it wasn’t, I actually recognized this person. It was Spencer!


“Hey man, what are you doing here?” I asked as I walked outside.

“Oh, I saw you walking home yesterday and I was wondering if you wanted to walk to together? I don’t live to far from here and I don’t mind keeping you company.” he replied.

“Yeah, that sounds awesome. I’m cooking breakfast for me and my grandma, but I can make some more if want to come in?” I asked him.

“Thanks, that sounds awesome.” he said while he walked up to the front porch.


He walked inside and I was about to follow up behind him but I saw something in the corner of my eye. It was a picture of me and Granny! It was taken from outside through a window. That meant that the same person who was tormenting me last night is now leaving me pictures. As if to say that they are always watching or that I’ll never be able to escape them. I snapped out of my trance of terror and walked inside. Spencer was introducing himself to Granny, he seemed to be a really nice guy.


While Spencer and I were walking, we started to talk about the things that interested us.


“I saw a comic book collection on the bookshelf in the dining room. Are those yours?” Spencer asked.

“Yeah, I really love comic books and old vintage games. Not even just playing them, I love doing the research on them and always trying to learn more.” I said.

“Wow, you really are a nerd, but in a good way.” Spencer said, stumbling over his words to try not to hurt my feelings.

“Thanks, I feel like it’s the same with you and your sports. You’re always trying to learn more about how to play and do more to keep in shape.” I explained.

“I mean, that’s true. I never really thought about it that way.” Spencer said.


I could see Chris in the corner just standing there. I looked at him and waved him over, but he just shook his head and walked away. I wondered why he didn’t want to come over and hang out with us, did something happen between him and Spencer? I kept worrying about Chris but I heard the jocks coming.


“Hey loser!” Ray, the random jock from yesterday, said.

“Hey Ray.” I said, unenthusiastically.

“No no no, that’s Sir Raymond to you, pipsqueak.” he said, pushing me to the ground.


I saw everyone staring at me as the jocks all laughed, even Spencer, even Chris. I didn’t know who to trust because they all just stood by and watched.


That day I tried walking home alone but then Chris caught up to me.

“Ned, wait up!” he yelled as he ran up to me.

“What do you want?” I asked, feeling betrayed.

“I want to apologize, I should have said something to Ray, that wasn’t right of him.” he said.

“Ok, but I expect that behavior from those jocks, but you and Spencer-” I said before Chris interrupted.

“Don’t get me started on Spencer, he is not your friend. He just wants you to believe that.” Chris said, annoyed.

“What is that supposed to mean? I asked.

“Spencer did the same thing with me that he is doing to you. Watch out though, he’ll betray you whenever he gets the chance. I have to go, I have to take pictures for the school yearbook. Just think about it.” he said.

“Wait!” I yelled out to him, “You do photography?”

“I do, it’s become a hobby this past year. I really have to go.” he said as he ran off.


Chris does photography and I got a photo of me and Granny. This might be a coincidence but I highly doubt it. I continued to walk, thinking about the clues leading to Chris and then got the feeling of being watched again. I started to look around, trying to spot where the feeling was coming from. Then I spot it, in the tree line. It was a clown! His eyes were as red as his nose and his face as pale as the surface of the moon. I couldn’t tell if it was a mask or if someone actually painted this on their face. I didn’t care anymore, I took off running. I finally run up to the house trying to get in but the door was locked. I started to tear apart the front porch to find the key but I can’t. As I was looking I saw another picture, it was of Granny. It had “You left her” written in black marker on it. I started to bang on the door, screaming for Granny but there was no answer. Then I heard one of the most terrifying things I have ever heard. I heard a high-pitched, slow laugh. I turned around and the clown was standing there. I didn’t even hesitate, I ran off into the woods behind my house.


Now we’re caught up, I’m running in circles. I’m trying to make the clown lost in the woods and get back home.  As I was getting closer to home, I take one last look behind me and to my luck, the clown is gone. I could see my Granny from the woods, I could tell she looks worried because I look scared so I hurry to her. As I approach the porch, something catches my eye. I see a camera sitting behind the chair next to the front door, why would the camera be there now instead of a picture? I don’t understand. 

“What happened, where’d you go?” she asks, brushing the hair out of my face.

“It’s this clown, he’s following me. He said that I left you alone. I thought you were in danger. Why didn’t you answer the door?” I ask.

“I was in the den, I heard you banging on the door and I tried to rush to you but when I got the door unlocked and opened it and you weren’t there. So I called the police, they’re searching the woods for you right now.” Granny said.

“Not anymore,” a random voice said from behind us. I turned around so fast to see who it was. It was Sheriff Rogers. “I found this hooligan dressed up as a clown in the woods. Is this the kid who has been bothering you?” he asks.

“Yes, sir. Can you unmask him please?” I ask in return.

“I sure can.” he responds and pulls of the mask.


To all of our surprise, it was Spencer. 

“Why?” I ask him, walking up to him.

“It was a bet. Ray and the other guys saw me talking to you and they said I shouldn’t associate with you. I tried to defend you and say that you were a cool guy but they weren’t having it. So, they bet I wouldn’t pick on you with a clown mask that Ray found, and if I didn’t then they would make the principal dismiss me from the football team. I’m sorry, Ned.” he explained.

“I’m disappointed that you did this but I understand why. I forgive you. But we need to report Ray and the others to the principal.” I said to him.

“Done.” he agreed.

“One more question, where did the camera and pictures come from?” I ask.

“What pictures? I didn’t do anything like that.” he says as Sheriff Rogers walks him off. Granny and I just look at each other with curiosity.