The Future


Connor Edwards

Adventures of Connor and Dorian: The Future


It was mid-day, Dorian and Connor were sitting on the couch watching Terminator 2. Dorian started to think about a future with humanoid robots and how it would affect our society. 

“What would you think the world would be like with androids like Terminator?” Dorian asked as he turned to Connor.

“First off, the Terminator dude is usually described as a cyborg because he has skin over the robot stuff.” Connor said, correcting him.

“Same difference. What would it be like?” Dorian asked, annoyed.

“Well, I think it would go like this. . .” Connor said.


“CONNOR, WAKE UP!” Dorian screamed.

Connor jumped up.

“What? What is it?” Connor said, confused.

“This is no time for a nap, dude!” Dorian exclaimed.

“Why not?” Connor asked as he groaned.

“There are robots just walking around everywhere, vibing on the Earth, and you want to take a nap?!” Dorian asked as he moved to put a chair in front of the door.

“Yeah, they’re harmless. Apple announced that when they released it.” Connor said, sitting up and putting on his glasses.

“Have you never watched a movie?” Dorian asked, stunned.

“I mean, yeah, but this is real life. Not a movie.” Connor said, unphased.

“You say that and then you’ll be the one that ends up in the ground.” Dorian said while he then moved the coffee table in front of the door as well.

“What are you doing?” Connor asked as he stood and walked to the kitchen.

“Boarding up so they can’t get in.” Dorian said, looking around for something else to put in front of the door.

“I’m pretty sure you’re overreacting.” Connor said, pouring a cup of coffee.

“No, I’m not.” he said, lifting one side of the couch, “Now, help me move this.”

“No, put the couch down. You’re just scared because they’re just something you don’t understand.” Connor said, walking back to the living room.

“I do understand. I understand that these robots are gonna take me captive, put a control chip in me, and then make me one of their zombified soldiers in their war for the world.” Dorian said, setting the TV on the ground and putting the entertainment center in front of the door as well.

“You know you’re going to have to move all of that when you have to go to work, right?” Connor said, sitting back on the couch.

“I won’t have a job in a week, because the robots will take it away!” Dorian emphasized.

Connor went to set his cup on the table beside the couch but as he let go Dorian slipped the table right out from underneath to put it in front of the door. The coffee mug shattered.

“That was my favorite mug.” Connor whined.

“Sorry.” Dorian said, cringing.

“Whatever, you’re cleaning that up though.” Connor said with sass.

“You could get a Roomba.” Dorian said.

“You don’t mind a Roomba but you’re scared of the iBots outside?” Connor asked.

“Yes.” Dorian said as he lifted the small recliner.

“Stop putting stuff in front of the door, nothing is going to come up to the apartment to get us.” Connor said.

Immediately there was a knock on the door. Dorian looked cautiously.

“One second!” Connor said to the anonymous knock. “Move all this stuff out of the way while I go get a new cup of coffee.”

“Fine.” Dorian said, reluctantly.

He quickly moves all of the furniture out of the way then opens the door.

“Hello. I am J-4X0N. But most just call me, the Jaxbot. I am here to take over th-”

“Nope.” Dorian interrupted, slamming the door in its ‘face.’

“Destroy. Destroy. Destroy. Destroy.” the Jaxbot said pounding on the door.

“Yeah, ‘nothing is going to come up to the apartment.’ I think something came to the apartment, Connor!!” Dorian screamed as Connor rushed back to the living room.

“Admittedly, I was wrong but we don’t have time to argue. Grab the other side of the couch.” Connor said, lifting one side.

“Oh, now you want to move the couch.” Dorian said, lifting the other side.

“Destroy all humans. Destroy all humans.” the Jaxbot repeated as he continued to pound.

The boys started to walk over to set the couch in front of the door but they were too late. A loud crash occured and the Jaxbot was in the apartment, Connor and Dorian looked at each other and they knew what to do. 

“On three?” Connor asked.

“On three.” Dorian agreed.

“One! Two! Three!” the boys said in sync.

As soon as they said three they, heaved the couch as hard as they could. It landed on top of the Jaxbot, crushing it.

“So, pizza?” Connor asked.

“As long as you’re buying.” Dorian said.

They walked out of the hole in the wall that was once a door.

“So how much would a Roomba be? Someone needs to clean up this mess.” Connor asked as they walked away.