Putin declares ‘partial’ mobilization of Russian citizens

Matthew Fox

      On the morning of September 21, 2022, Putin declared ‘partial mobilization’ of Russian citizens. This is likely to compensate for the Russian losses in Ukraine. Russia invaded Ukraine in February of 2022. Many analysts believed either that Russia would not invade, or that the invasion would go very well for Russia. However, western analysts could not have predicted  the Ukrainian resolve, as well as the unified response from the western world at large. The United States has, to date, sent 13.5 billion USD worth of military aid to Ukrainian forces. This aid comes in the form of sophisticated anti-aircraft and anti-tank weapon systems, as well as precision guided artillery and drones. 


     The ‘partial mobilization’ of Russian citizens has several implications for the war, and the global security situation, as well as for Russians as a populace. The mobilization includes calling for 300,000 reserve troops to be sent to the front lines. The decree essentially says that any Russian who has received military training, or belongs to specific professions, is to be sent to the front lines. This decision makes sense, as according to Russian sources, 5,937 Russian troops have died fighting for Ukraine. Western estimates are much higher, however, with an estimated 25,000 having died. 


     Russia has accused the west of “blackmailing” them with nuclear weapons, and has warned that Russia and its people would use “all available means” to defend themselves. Which implicates the usage of nuclear weapons, despite what the media claims about nuclear weapons and nuclear war as a whole. In modern war, nuclear weapons are usually a last resort, as once the genie is out of the bottle, it certainly can’t be put back in. According to a tweet by American ambassador to Ukraine, Bridget Brink, Russia is showing signs of “weakness” and “failure” which perhaps rationalizes Russia’s political posturing.


     This leaves us with one question: Will Putin take the risk? The answer? We don’t entirely know. Putin is not only one of the most mysterious world leaders, but the war in Ukraine is shrouded in a variety of propaganda and deception. Much of the answers to our biggest questions remain under tight wraps.