Up and Coming Actors That Can Actually Sing


Laura Brimm


Many actors of the twentieth century have more than one talent and are very flexible in their acting roles. One of the many talents actors possess, other than acting is singing. There are many young actors that have major musical talent out there and some of them are very well known.


One of these young actors that can sing like an angel is Sadie Sink. Sadie Sink is a twenty-year-old American actor best known for her role as Maxine ‘Max’ Mayfield in Stranger Things. Other than skateboarding, enjoying advocating for animal rights, and watching Black Fish, she can sing! There are many videos out and about on the internet with Sadie Sink singing in them. For example, the iconic one with her and her close friend Millie Bobby Brown singing what all Pitch Perfect fans know as the cup song. Now for all the Broadway fans, we all know Ms. Sink can sing because of her Broadway performance in Annie (playing Annie). 


Another Stranger Things star that has some serious vocal talent is Maya Hawke. Daughter of Uma Thurman and Ethan Hawke, two iconic celebrities. It’s no secret that Maya Hawke can sing because of her and her twelve-track album Blush released on August 21, 2020. Maya Hawke was also featured in the Stranger Things Recap song, truly a great performance in my opinion. There are also many videos of Maya Hawke performing songs like To Love A Boy and Stay Open. 


One star known for his singing career, but not so much his acting career, is the famous Canadian rapper, Aubrey Drake Graham, or simply known as Drake. He has released iconic songs like God’s Plan and In My Feelings, but he was also a child actor. Drake played in the television series “Degrassi: The Next Generation” as Jimmy Brooks. Jimmy Brooks was an aspiring basketball player and an open-minded, humble young student. Much like Drake, Jimmy wanted to be a singer-songwriter. Now me being completely biased, but I think that “Degrassi: The Next Generation” is one of the best dysfunctional young adults and high-school life shows around. I mean who knew Drake could act, I bet a lot of you didn’t. 


Zendaya Coleman, what can’t she do? Nothing apparently because she sings, acts, writes, produces, and more. She is well known for many of her roles, some of them including the new Spider-Man movies, Euphoria, and K.C. Undercover. Now many know Zendaya can sing but some aren’t aware. Zendaya has released music since 2012 after signing on with Hollywood Records. Some of her most recognizable songs are Dig Down Deeper, Replay, and Neverland. She really can sing her heart out, even if she can’t act, she still has the voice for backup. 


A good majority of actors have major vocal talent and theatrical experience and some of us aren’t even aware. The actors mentioned in this article just graze the surface of the many talented actors/singers around the world.