The Conjuring Movies vs The Real Story


Carolina Troxel

The 3 part sequel, “The Conjuring,” is one of the most well-known horror movies. A majority of the events that occurred in the movie actually happened in real life. There are a few events that we know didn’t happen, or are not sure of, in each movie. 

One that we know didn’t happen in the first conjuring was the exorcism performed in the basement by Ed Warren. What actually happened wasn’t even in the basement, it was in the living room.  Andrea, the oldest Perron daughter, stated she witnessed the whole conjuring happen. Andrea states she witnessed her mom start speaking a language that was not of this world, levitate in a chair, and then get thrown across the living room.

An event we know didn’t happen in The Conjuring 2 would be when all the crosses turned upside down. The Enfield Poltergeist Hauntings occurred in 1977, the upside-down cross traditionally was not a sign of evil. Furthermore, Janet Hodgson never actually levitated and ended up pinned to the ceiling as shown in The Conjuring 2. Also, in the movie, it is shown that the Warrens were heavily involved in the case which is not true at all. In the recording of the interview with Janet while she was possessed, she stated she was a man named Bill Wilkins and had died in the chair in the corner from a hemorrhage. After further investigations, it was discovered that there actually was a man named Bill Wilkins who had passed in the armchair. Many people speculate that the whole case was a hoax. This is due to the fact that paranormal investigator, Marice Grosse, caught them faking on a few occasions, and the pictures taken by the press of Janet “levitating” look like she just jumped off the bed. 

In the 3rd movie “Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It” there aren’t many scenes that didn’t happen in real life but there are a few that are exaggerated. One of those scenes is where David was grabbed by the demon through the waterbed. The family did claim that they witnessed David bend over backward like a ragdoll. One of the strangest occurrences was during the exorcism David stopped breathing and then began stating what happened during the murder of Arne Johnson’s landlord before it even happened.