China Star…. Where’d it go?

Andrew, Writer

For a month the Town of Dyersburg had to survive without the best restaurant in Town. What were they doing during this time? What changes have they made? Why were we starved from this beautiful restaurant? Why’d they abandon us…?


Over the past few years China star has single handedly fed the town of Dyersburg with good consistent of chinese food. Whilst other restaurants abandoned us, China Star stayed by our side. They strived to give us food that was great and tasty. So, why leave us for a month? Well, they decided it was time for a change. The restaurant has had the same interior since it’s beginning. So now the inside is completely new, however, don’t be worried, the menu is still the same! They’ve changed the seats, the curtains, the paint, the chairs, the lights in the sign, and the booths. The inside looks completely different than it used to. But don’t be alarmed, this treasure local to Dyersburg is still going strong!