The Best and Worst of American Horror Story


Laura Brimm

American Horror Story (AHS) has had a long run in the past twelve years of filming and every second kept watchers intrigued and invested in every single way, the intricate web of secrets and surprises in every season keeps us all coming back for more, so why not rank each and every elaborate season.

All of our number one best AHS seasons is probably the one you instantly think of when AHS pops into your head, 1984. The season 1984 was probably the best season by far the development of the story and the characters are defiantly the most outstanding script of all of AHS history. Emma Robert’s portrayal of the good girl out for revenge, Brooke Thompson, is

phenomenal, and the use of Richard Rameriz to boost the season really hit its mark. For me 1984 was one of the most enjoyable seasons to watch, the storyline and plot twist really will enthrall you.

Second, on the list of these chilling AHS seasons is, drumroll please, Hotel! Hotel has been one season that kept on giving with the outstanding and vivacious performance by Lady GaGa or Stefani Germanotta as the Countess, a cunning and witty individual with a very sharp tooth. Let’s not forget Mr.March (Evan Peters) and his horrifying hobbies well, his and Detective Lowes’s (Wes Bently). The way this season was laid out was absolute perfection. The delivery of the Counte

ss’s backstory and the other characters was perfectly placed. This season, in my mind, was army crawling its way through barbed wire to first place but didn’t reach all the way mainly because of the ending, it was a great ending but left something to be desired.

The third-place victor on our AHS best-to-worst roster is the season with the most magic, Coven. The iconic powerful witch duo of Madison Montgomery (Emma Roberts) and Queenie (Gabourey Sidibe) gave us all that we needed in life, and the fantastic performance by Angela Basset as the most powerful voodoo queen around, Marie Laveau we can probably agree gave us all chills, or at least it did me. The storyline and that good-bad energy we get from Maddison and the fight to coven leader with Fiona Goode (Jessica Lange) were insane. Let’s also not forget our favorite necromancer, Misty Day (Lilly Rabe), and a shout-out to the boy next door Alexander Dreymon.

The fourth out of a list of ten AHS seasons is really an all-out fight between Murder House and Freak Show, but obviously first come first serve and Murder House takes the cake. Whether you like Murder House or not really depends on your ability to follow the season from start to finish, for some it’s really difficult and that’s why this season, in particular, has a lot of bad credit, but for those who can follow it, its a great season to experience. From the introduction to the last credit of this season gave us something new and hooked a lot of us AHS fans, especially being the first season and all, the performances by Evan Peters and Taissa Farmiga as Tate and Violet was outstanding and their relationship was one of the best rollercoaster rides I’ve ever seen, and by that I mean wow was there a lot of screaming. 

Our fifth place and the most peculiar season is Freak Show, and god did we all enjoy this season. This season tackles the idea of being an outcast because you are different, some more vivid and wild than others. This season threw us all for a loop with the absurd-looking characters, backstories, and unique qualities. This season has many different perspectives involved, at least one for every character, it was a wonderful season truly. 

The sixth-place winner is Apocolypse, a very strange season if we’re being honest. Apocalypse is one of the harder seasons to follow but isn’t terrible, the involvement of the witches from Coven, the ghastly ghost

from Murder House, and the many different plots of the season itself make it a very intricate season, more so than others. This season’s ending was pure crimson gold, it was a great way to close off a season so thank you Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk for a lovely closing episode.

Asylum is the seventh season on our list, I mean what a rush for the opening scene, but the rest could use a little work. For me personally, this season was a good watch but left a lot to be desired the ending and the beginning really hit the spot, so who really cares for the middle anyway, ladies and gentlemen? 

Cult and Double feature are at, basically, a Mexican standoff. They both have placed eighth in this list, mainly because they are at an equal level in everything. Cult is overall ten times more iconic than Double Feature could ever be, but Double Feature is more bone-chilling in every way. Cult starts off immediately with drama, and pure old American passion, but Double Feature Starts off slow and builds up from there, they are truly opposites, ye

t are at a stalemate on this spooky AHS list.

Roanoke is very last on this long list of wonders, for me what sealed it in last place was really just the way it was set up like a true crime show or Forensic Files episode. It was still a lovely season, don’t get me wrong, but the experimentation of the way and style of filming for this season failed. Though my favorite part about this season overall was the beautiful and creative reference to the legend of Roanoke Island. If you don’t know the 1590s tale I won’t spoil it for you, but man is it the most curious of situations. 

Now I know all of you AHS fans probably can’t wait for the new season, I know I can’t. The next season is already releasing episodes on Hulu and other streaming websites, and I can’t wait to have access to all ten episodes. There are newcomers to the AHS franchise acting in season eleven, and even some returning stars. Charlie Carver, who you may know as Ethan from Teen Wolf, is here to play a brand new character, Adam, this season. Sandra Bernhard is also here for this big apple season NYC, she plays a character named Fran in this lovely season, you may have heard her name from watching a multitude of shows and movies including, Rosanne, Hudson Hawk, and 2 broke girls. Let’s also not forget our returning stars that we know, Billie Lourde as Hannah and Leslie Grossman as Barbra, I am so excited to see them returning as a new set of characters.