The Impact of Chemistry

Makayla Bell

To teens, chemistry is just a difficult and boring subject you learn in High School, but however, many adults think of it as helping economic growth. Chemistry is the discovery of molecules which are the building blocks of matter. Much of our economic growth is based on the chemical industry or its research of it. In the country of Australia, a sweeping 600,000 people are employed in the chemistry industry. You may still have ur set opinion about chemistry but healthcare has found many life-saving breakouts through chemistry. Some examples of these breakouts are MRI imaging, cancer tests, pregnancy kits, and X-ray machines. To think chemistry never existed would be crucial to the world we live in today with all these uses of healthcare tests and machines. 

Another aspect of chemistry that’s taken for granted and used in day-to-day life is electronics. The molecules known in electronics are known as liquid crystals which control light and images. Chemistry as we know it has been far-reaching and shaped society as we know it today. Advances in fields from chemistry have benefited society hugely which has driven society’s development