Hurricane Ian Part 1

Bailee Mccree

Would you evacuate? Floridians are asking themselves the same thing, as they are threatened by a category five hurricane named hurricane “Ian.” Rain spreads across Flordia indicating that the hurricane is only getting closer and stronger. According to the National Weather Service, the hurricane has begun to make landfall in Cuba and is expected to work its way up to Orlando, Flordia. 

The outcome of hurricane Ian is yet to be known, but the worrying has started. Officials have announced that residents should evacuate their homes and leave the area. Professionals and citizens are worried about the rain causing flooding over much of the state, homes being taken or destroyed, and electricity being stopped for days to weeks. Experts have warned there will be extensive and long-lasting damage to Flordia.

The possible devastation of this hurricane is in the minds of all. Now Floridians have to make a big decision on if they should evacuate or stay in their homes. People staying in place could face a loss of resources, their homes, and even their lives. People evacuating are leaving their homes behind and hoping for the best while trying to keep themselves safe. There is no easy solution and either way, devastation can be caused and important things can be lost. 

The hurricane doesn’t just have the ability to cause immediate damage and problems but also long-term effects. This hurricane could take out businesses which could take months to repair and recover. Flordia is also highly dependent on money from tourism. The hurricane could cause a decrease in tourism, which would have a negative effect on people’s income and ability to live.

The damage from this hurricane will affect the lives of many and the stakes are high. The long-term effects of this hurricane could affect the well-being of Florida and Floridian residents. There are many unanswered questions about what this hurricane will do to the people of Florida, the homes of all that live there, and some of the most popular tourist attractions.