The Terrifier 2


Ever since the rise of horror films, they have become more violent and gruesome. Many movies like It and Sinister are rated R for their violence and terror. Another movie recently came out, while not rated R for drugs or language, the gore is over the top. On October 6, 2022, Terrifier 2 came out in movie theaters. It’s a sequel to the earlier movie, Terrifier, that came out in 2016. A man named Damion Leone was the director and writer of the two movies. Both terrifying movies are about “Art the Clown”, a sinister, murderous entity who targets certain siblings on Halloween. Even though he is specifically out to get the families, he does kill anyone who happens to cross his path. That’s definitely the wrong place at the wrong time. He dresses in a black and white traditional clown costume with a little hat on his head. His face is painted white with his facial features black to accentuate them. This movie has become extremely popular since its spooky season and everyone loves a little fright, but this movie was a lot more than just a “little fright” to some people. 

Many tweets report audience members walking out mid-movie, fainting, and losing their lunch at many different theaters. A tweet posted on Twitter from @Bark_4KT, states, “Terrifier 2 was an amazing gory mess. The guy behind me passed out cold and crashed into my chair, another guy left because he didn’t feel good, I overheard him say and walking out the theater door I heard a guy puking hard & loud in the bathroom.” And another from @andrew_lime, “#Terrifier2 my friend passed out and the theater called an ambulance. Highly recommended.” The gore that Leone wrote into these movies is absolutely terrifying. The display of all of the graphic content is what pushed many viewers over the edge.

Despite all of the problems the audience members are having, the movie is still permitted to play in theaters. With the movie making over $3.4 million in the first two weeks. As the movie expanded to different theaters, it gained another $1.8 million, leading to a total of $7.9 million in the past 4 weeks. With a budget at only $250,000, Damion Leone definitely knows how to make a movie.