2022 Winter Fashion Trends


Lauren Rose

Not ready for the cold, but definitely ready to shop? Look no further, here are this year’s winter fashion trends! From cargo pants to fur coats that’ll make you feel like you’re wrapped up in a blanket, there’s something for everyone.


  • Leather

I’m sure many have seen the long leather trench coat trend (a personal favorite of mine that I love paired with tights and a chunky shoe), along with leather pants, skirts, gloves, and even tops. Leather is really stepping out this season.

  • Corsets

Corset tops (usually a toned-down version and not the whole lace up situation) have really made a comeback this year and especially in the fall and winter months. I would suggest pairing a corset top with baggy jeans, a mini skirt, or my next point, cargo pants.

  • Cargo Pants

Cargo pants used to have a terrible reputation for being absolutely ugly, but due to recent styling discoveries, they have become increasingly popular. Cargos pants can be paired with almost anything, whether it be a graphic tee and sneakers or a bodysuit and a pair of heels.

  • Letterman Jackets

You may see the word letterman jacket and think of your Varsity COED Nationals jacket, but that’s not the only letterman trending this year. Letterman jackets are a good way to stay stylish and warm and are mainly seen paired with cargo pants and sneakers.

  • Fur

Whether it be real or faux, fur has made its way back into the top winter fashion trends this year. You often see it as trim on gloves, hats or coats or you may even see a full fur coat. No matter how you see it though, it is destined to keep you warm.

  • Cut Outs

Historically, we tend to want as little skin as possible showing when it’s cold out, but this season, we’re thinking otherwise. This is the season of the cut-out, flaunt that dress barely holding itself together! Work those hipless pants gwurl!

  • Y2K

Unless you live under a rock, this is a surprise to no one. Low rise jeans, fur trimmed boots, Juicy Couture, polo shirts, all the styles from our childhood are coming back whether you like it or not. Hopefully your mom didn’t donate everything from her younger years because you’re going to want it.


You may not dress in these trends and that’s okay! Always remember you don’t have to be up to the latest fashion trend and to just wear what makes you happy, and besides, what you wear is not what matters most anyway.