search for girl still going since 1999

search for girl still going since 1999

Ariana Brandon

In 1999 two-year-old Teekah Lewis went missing and is still being searched for to this day. She was last seen on January 23, 1999, in a video game arena. Her mother Czapieski said she was always stuck to her hip, but one day at the arena it was her turn to bowl so she asked at the time boyfriend and brother to watch for the toddler, but she said when she turned around her baby was gone. Police detective Julie Dier said the alley was so packed that night it was hard to see anyone take her so her disappearance is a mystery. The brother and boyfriend said they saw no one even near the child so whoever took her “took her in seconds’ ‘. Investigators have received a lot of tips since her disappearance but no evidence or body was found. Not even a suspect. Except for a late 80s to early 90s maroon Pontiac that was said to be speeding out of the parking lot that night before the child being missing was announced inside the building. 

A picture was made by the FACES lab in Louisiana and released showing what the 2-year-old would look like today.

It was even sent to doctors, law enforcement, and coroners’ offices. Police officers say that it is a possibility Teekah is still alive and doesn’t even know she’s a victim. Her mother says she sometimes imagines that her daughter is in college playing sports or something. 

“If she’s out there and she sees this, know you have five sisters that want to meet you. You have a mom and an enormous amount of aunts and uncles that are just waiting for you to come home. We know it’s been almost 24 years, and I’m sure you don’t know this but we want you to know. We want to bring you home because I’ve never given up on you. I will not stop looking for you until you’re found” said Teekah’s mother Czapieski. The search is still going on today.