Popeyes and Chick-fil-A: Ruffling Feathers


Addison Colvin, Photography Editor

If you’ve heard about the latest release at the local fast food chain famous for their chicken, you’ve probably heard it’s the best thing since sliced bread: the Popeyes chicken sandwich. Coming in 3 different options (classic, spicy, and buffalo ranch), Popeyes made sure to spice it up and add something flavorful and fun to their menu. This has made many fast food fanatics question how good it really is when compared to its top competitor: Chick-fil-A, “Home of the original chicken sandwich”. Popeyes, claiming to be “Louisiana fast,” has slowed down to a complete stop when it sold out of the sandwiches nationwide yesterday. 

I was lucky enough to get try the last one available during lunch hours before this happened at our location in Dyersburg, and I was not disappointed. The restaurant intends on getting the sandwich back on the market by the end of this week, so in the meantime save your mood to eat more chikin’, and wait on something that is well worth it. I believe the cajun beats the southern in the battle for who has the best sandwich and if you want to try it out yourself be prepared to leave, loving that chicken from Popeyes.